Tech solution providers helping to shape capital markets

Tech solution

Tech solution providers helping to shape capital markets

The capital markets are rapidly transforming and the regulatory landscape is constantly shifting, where experts need to keep a keen eye on the trends to gain.

While we assumed that the future will hold technology as the key factor in these transformations, it is unbelievable to see that the future is now.

Banking and capital markets have transformed into digital markets where processes and strategies can be customised according to the needs of the consumers with the help of technology.

This ensures customer loyalty, with long term relationships and an increase in profits. There are 4 types of financial markets like the currency market, derivative market, money market and capital market that can all be managed digitally.

Capital markets selling equities and debt securities are the most favoured investment options nowadays and here are some tech solution companies that can help you manoeuvre through this maze.


The global IT giant also offers a full range of services that range from asset management to post trade processing, that have been crucial in transformation of capital markets.

When it comes to asset management, the company has been innovatively managing growth strategies, building customer engagement leading to improved operations.

AI led robo investing helps the wealth managers to invest at the right place with the help of technology.

Accenture’s Investment Banking branch has been crucial in ensuring that an operating model created using technology adds value to the bank.


Payoda, a company that was established in 2005, is renowned for its cutting-edge engineering techniques, human-centric approach, and technology.

One of its flagship projects, AppViewX, is a web application that can control the data centre from a central location while working with many servers and vendors and offering integrated solutions.

With over 100 clients under its belt, including an eGovernance project in India, Payoda is unquestionably a well-known brand in the industry.

Experience design, advanced analytics, product engineering, robotic process automation, and Internet of Things, which is currently setting trends and is predicted to be the industry’s future, are some of the major services offered by it.

It provides technological solutions so that fintechs can serve the consumers interested in capital markets.


Cognizant’s wealth management vertical aims to hand hold the consumers and take them through this journey of digital transformations.

The leader in Capital market BPO, can process your application within 45 seconds instead of the traditional 15 days, all thanks to technology it uses. Moreover it provides up to 60% cost optimization compared to any global investment bank.

Cognizant helps in Asset Management where the team guides to find innovative and strategic solutions for ever changing investor demands.

It also helps in wealth management, making informed decisions when it comes to investment banking and is one of the leading market information providers. It also enables Exchanges where performance scalability and investor services can be availed.


In the digital economy, Genpact enables financial service firms by serving the customers better all thanks to technology.

It primarily works in the following 6 realms- automotive finance, capital markets, commercial banking, consumer banking, fintechs and private equity.

Through intelligent automation with the help of technology, it connects people, processes data, and integrates technology in such a way that it is easy to use and easier to keep an eye on the current trends of the banking industry as well as capital markets so that consumers invest wisely.

Genpact is that transformation partner for consumers that not just scales but also transforms operational processes, and makes the navigation through digital innovation easier. It ultimately creates the best commercial model that will lead to maximum profits.

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