The 5 Most Fascinating Ancient Ganesh Temples in India


Ganpati, or Ganesh, is perhaps India’s most popular and adored god. He is lovable and kind and blesses his devotees with knowledge and wisdom.

He is considered the supreme of art and culture also. All Ganesha temples are always crowded. One can book ashtavinayak yatra from Pune.

Lord Ganesha, known as “Vighnaharta”, is worshipped first in the Hindu religion. He gives prosperity, good fortune, and peace.

Ashtavinayak Darshan is also one of the famous religious tours in India.

You can find thousands of miraculous and extraordinary Ganesh temples at the length and breadth of India. The top 5 Ancient Ganesh Temples in India are fascinating and most beloved.

1. Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai

If you go to Mumbai and do not pay your respect to the famous Siddhivinayak Temple, then your trip is incomplete.

Yes, this is indeed one of the most important temples in the city. It was built by a devotee Deubai Patil in the year 1801.

The woman did not have any children. Hence, she made this temple so that Bhagwan Ganesh would bless other childless women.

The trunk of Bhagwan Ganesh is turned right in Siddhivinayak Temple, which is a rare thing. In the majority of the idols, the box is turned left side.

The Shree Siddhivinayak idol is made of black stone and is 2.5 ft. high from its base and approx. 2 ft. wide. Bhagwan Ganesh is sitting on a throne base in Padmasana pose.

Goddess Riddhi and Siddhi are placed on both sides of Lord Ganesha. Tuesday is the most important day for Puja and Darshan at Siddhivinayak Temple.

When the temple was built, there was a lot of greenery, and coconut trees and shrubs covered the area. Nowadays, it is a crowded, most prominent place in Mumbai. Siddhivinayaka is among India’s Top 5 Ancient Ganesh Temples that have gained tremendous popularity.

Maharashtra state is famous for eight Ganesha temples known as Ashtavinayaka. People book ashtavinayak yatra From Thane.

2. Ganesh Tok Temple, Gangtok

The Ganesh Tok Temple is located in the city of Gangtok, Sikkim. In the picturesque surroundings of the Himalayas, this temple is situated around 7 kilometres uphill.

A mesmerizing view of the surrounding valleys and hills gives the ultimate pleasure to the devotees when they reach the top.

Devotees can see colourful prayer flags on both sides on the way to the temple. All the strain of going to such an enormous height disappears in a second.

A stairway runs through the temple that has to be climbed to reach the upper levels. It is one of the Famous temples of Ganesha.

It is possible to see the Khanchendzonga, the third highest mountain in the world if you are fortunate enough and the weather is clear. The temple was built in the 50s by Shri Appa B Pant, the former Political Officer of Sikkim.

The temple and surrounding area are so beautiful that photography lovers cannot resist taking unlimited pictures.

3. Kanipakam Ganesh Temple, Chittoor

The Kanipakam Ganesha Temple is located in the Kanipakam Village of Chittoor District. It is also called Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple.

The main idol of this temple is considered Swayambhu or self-manifested. It is believed that the height of this temple is increasing daily.

It is believed that until the end of Kaliyuga. There is a well on the premises, and the holy water from the well is distributed among the devotees as prasad.

There is a legend associated with the temple. Once, three farmers were digging up a well for water. Suddenly, they saw blood coming out from the stone. As they continued digging, they saw a self-manifested Ganesh Idol come out.

Even today, the idol can be sitting in the well.

This outstanding Ganesh Temple is considered very pristine and sacred.

From places like Mumbai and Pune, one can book Ashtavinayak Darshan Online Booking for two to three days tours.

4. Trinetra Ganesh Temple, Ranthambore

Since the main idol of this temple is depicted with three eyes, it is called Trinetra Ganesh. There is a legend associated with the temple.

In 1299 AD, a war occurred between King Hammeer and Alauddin Khilji at the Ranthambore. The battle lasted for many years, and the storage of food items in the fort was getting over.

King Hammer was a devotee of Bhagwan Ganesha. He prayed to Bhagwan Ganesh, who came in his dream and assured him that all the problems would get over by the next morning.

The next day, an idol of Bhagwan appeared from one of the fort’s walls. The warehouses were filled with food items, and the war also ended.

King Hammeer built this temple in 1300 AD, known as Trinentra Ganesha.

This is a very famous temple where people from all over the world come to pay their respect to Bhagwan Ganesha.

Daily five aartis and pooja are performed in the temple. Special pooja and abhishekas are performed on festivals and special occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi, Maghi Chaturthi, Deepawali, Holi, etc. It is one of the most potent Ganesh temples in India.

Thousands of devotees from all over the globe come to the temple around the year to seek the divine blessings of Bhagwan Ganpati. Exploring this temple is an unforgettable experience indeed.

5. Dholkal Ganesh Temple

This is the most memorable and unique temple, situated at 3000 feet. Located atop the Dholkal hill in Chhattisgarh is quite fascinating.

The three-foot-tall idol of Bhagwan Ganesha weighs around 100 kilograms and is believed to be more than 1100 years old. Thus, it is one of the Top 5 Ancient Ganesh Temples in India.

It is in the district headquarters of Dantewada. The area has been developed as a tourist spot. There are facilities for a night stay, and even a guide is also available. Apart from the religious importance, the place is also a treat to nature lovers.

In 2017, the idol suddenly vanished from its place. It was found in a broken state at the foothill and was pieced together.

Some of the parts are still missing, though. There are visible signs of damage on the statue. Since such a mystery is attached to the temple, it’s one of the fascinating Ganesh temples to visit in India. One can book an ashtavinayak tour package from Mumbai to reach this place.

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