The Best 3D Animation Studios In LA

3D Animation Studio

To understand correctly, it’s better to watch a video than read an article or listen to a person explain things to us. It permits us to go right into the meat of the matter.

What’s most essential is that a video in 3D animation makes things easier to grasp. It saves a lot of time when it comes to learning, teaching, explaining, and showing.

Thus, it has become essential for promoting, training, and onboarding new employees in these 3D studios. It is especially true for a narrative 3D animated picture.

To achieve your company’s objectives, why not have a 3D animation video produced? We are here to assist if you are looking for a trustworthy 3D animation studio for your project in LA.

Why Use a 3D Animation Company?

Recognizing that your brand is now operating in a digital world is essential. Considering that, browsing the animation studios LA with expertise in the story and 3D animation will be a smart move.  Why? Because video marketing has become one of the most successful ways of promoting a business.

An experienced 3D animation company may also provide additional post-production services. Several animation studios in LA with 3d animation software offer various animation techniques.

There is no need to promote your brand on your own when qualified animation businesses are for your use. What a little professionalism can do for your company’s bottom line is impressive.

What Are the Best 3D Animation Studios in LA?


Pluck is a Los Angeles-based video production company with a second location in New York City. Video creation, advertising, and broadcast video services are all provided by their small staff of five people.

PluckStudio made a video for a marketing consultant to thank them for their hard work. They used time and channel descriptions to entice viewers to use a service provided by a final customer.


London’s Shoot You Video & Animation Production was founded in 2000. Over 50 specialists support mid market firms in New York City and Amsterdam. Digital marketing and content marketing are two more options. An investment management firm worked with Shoot You on its video creation.


VeracityColab is a video production firm in Newport Beach, California. Its video team has over a decade of experience. They use effective 3D animation software to deliver the best quality work.

Their clients include mid-market and major consumer products, business services, and healthcare companies.


Located in Santa Monica, California, Brandefy is a video production company. A 2010 team of 10 delivers content marketing and broadcast video to small, mid-sized, and corporate customers.

Brandefy made a video for an e-commerce company’s newly-patented gaming game. Several clients wanted to promote the video on their website and social media platforms.


Los Angeles-based Rip Media Group specializes in animation and video creation. For enterprises of any size, they have roughly 15 staff that specialize in video creation.

The team creates 3D motion graphics, 2D animations, and live-action movies for IT, medical, and commercial clients.


In Dover, Delaware-based animation firm Buzzflick produces animated shorts. The 2016-founded firm employs over 50 and offers graphic design and video production to small and mid-size enterprises.

BuzzFlick created two promotional films for a new software application. It was the client’s objective to increase brand familiarity and awareness.


London and Paris headquarter Los Angeles-based Left Productions, a media production firm. Left Productions’ 23-strong staff provides video creation, advertising, and content marketing services. The 3D animation studio company was started in 2012.

A creative firm contracted Left Productions to produce music videos for them. These people are responsible for most of the work involved in creating music videos.


Colormatics was launched in Jersey City, New Jersey, in 2014 with a staff of no more than ten people. It creates videos, advertises, and markets content for retail and corporate customers.

To promote a line of hair care products, Colormatics developed a series of television ads. The team was in charge of every stage of the process, from the initial idea to the finished result. They’re currently working on a new project.


Animated video production companies have industry understanding. They can showcase your brand to a specific audience. You may engage with a 3D animation company in Los Angeles to develop fresh business concepts.

LA animation companies can understand your audience’s complex needs. They also can assist you in building a fresh corporate identity.

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