The Best Parental Blocker iPhone to Keep an Eye on your Child

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The Best Parental Blocker iPhone to Keep an Eye on your Child

Do you often worry about your child’s safety and protection on the internet from online scams, cyberbullying, and inappropriate content sharing?

Well, In the United States, almost 95% of teens have the access to smartphones, which is one of the main roots of cyberbullying.

According to the study, approximately 37% of children between 12 to 17 years have been bullied online once and 30% of them have experienced it more than once.

Although the internet has made our lives much easier; but, a lot of side effects are also associated with these benefits.

Since every kid is involved in technology and acquires smartphones. Parents often look for best spying apps for iphone or android, also control/ blocking apps to make sure the safe search for their kids..

Therefore, if you’re also about to get your child a new phone, but you’re scared of the coming challenges, then this article is a must-read for you.

In this article, we will take you through the five best parental blockers iPhone apps that would help you keep track of your kid’s online activities.

Benefits of Having iOS Devices for Kids

If you want to buy your child a new smartphone or tablet, it is recommended to go for iOS devices instead of picking an Android device. Having an iPhone or iPad brings a few main benefits.

  • With an iPhone, your child can reach you whenever they seek help and stay in touch with you whenever they’re outside. It also helps them learn new things online.
  • Another advantage of having an iPhone is security, especially if the purpose of having a phone is to use social media. The operating system of these mobile devices is close and allows its users to have control over their phones.
  • In addition, parents can enable restrictions on their children’s iPhones in order to prevent them from using several features and applications.

Nonetheless, there is a probability that while using social media, your children encounter some inappropriate content such as pornography, drugs, gambling, etc. A lot of kids are being cyberbullied on daily basis and has become very common.

Thus, in order to keep your kids safe, you should adopt the best parental blocker iPhone application.

List of 5 Best Parental Blocker iPhone Applications

Below are some most effective parental control applications for iPhone. Some of these apps are free of cost, while you may have to pay a bit to access some of them.

1. Boomerang

Key Specs

  • Block a child’s access to the internet or increase it virtually on a parent’s device.
  • Apps with age restrictions should be hidden to keep children away.
  • Able to restrict websites by category or review browser history.

If you’re looking for general location tracking, screen time limitations or schedules, or web blocking, Boomerang is an excellent option. On iOS, it offers a free SPIN Safe Browser that helps dynamically block hazardous content while delivering appropriate search results.

Boomerang is a good option if you’re looking for an affordable tool to help you limit your child’s screen time and censor material.

Pricing Plan

  • It costs $15.99 annually per single device.
  • Besides, up to ten devices can run it by paying $30.99 per year.
  • Additionally, a 14-day trial is offered for free.


  • Includes a number of practical features including a browser filter, location tracker, and screen time.
  • Give parents a summary of their children’s phone usage and activities so they can review it.
  • When a child deletes an application, parents get a notification alert.


  • The SPIN browser does not function with popular programs like Chrome.
  • The iOS version has a small number of features.

2. Qustudio

Key Specs

  • With this program, you can block web inappropriate sites and content.
  • Monitor your child’s social media activity.
  • Set time restrictions for using games, applications, and devices.

Qustudio is one of the top choices when it comes to parental blocker iPhone because of the wide range of parental control capabilities.

You may configure it to scan applications, games, and websites automatically, even in incognito browsing, prohibiting any that are objectionable.

Everything from gambling to explicit or abusive content can be blocked. You’ll also be informed if your kid attempts to view any restricted content.

You can impose restrictions on the device in a number of ways, such as setting time limits for particular apps and creating a schedule to prevent use during particular hours of the day.

You can establish a usage restriction that limits how much time your child can spend online, a particular app, or on the entire device.

Pricing Plan

  • Offers free plan with limited features. But, they don’t provide app or game limitations.
  • Costs $4.58 per year and can be operated on five devices simultaneously.
  • Costs $11.5 per month and offers features for up to 15 devices at the same time.
  • 30-day free trial on premium versions.


  • If your child hits the panic alarm, you will quickly know about their location
  • Simple to use.
  • Simple to use. Offers a free plan as well.
  • Your children’s whereabouts can be monitored.


  • Premium versions are pretty expensive.

3. Screen Time

Key Specs

  • Fix time limits on your kid’s mobile usage.
  • Restrict apps and internet features.
  • Set schedules for the whole family.

Screen Time application is developed by Screen Time Labs is a unique service that should not be confused with Apple’s own screen time feature. 

While this app has got many functions and a lot of them are not compatible with iOS. There are a few more fun elements, though, that could still be worth checking out.

You can restrict your child’s screen time along with some features that ban programs by defining a time limit or routine, approving or refusing tried app downloads, and getting daily updates that list the websites and apps your child is using.

Additionally, you can follow your child’s location in real-time and get notified when they enter or exit a particular area.

Pricing Plan

  • Free version with limited features.
  • $6.99 monthly with up to five devices.


  • Track app activity.
  • Monitors the history of your web browser.
  • Accept or reject any downloaded programs.


  • Only suitable for app monitoring.
  • Websites cannot be blocked.
  • It is unable to automatically identify inappropriate images and YouTube video.

4. Bark

Key Specs

  • Analyze 30+ social networks, including well-known platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.
  • Check the target iOS devices’ text and email messages for critical data.
  • When suspect information is found, parents are notified.

Bark allows you to control screen time, filter web material, and ban websites, but it doesn’t give you full control over how your child uses their devices.

Bark is made to ensure that your youngster retains some privacy, which may seem surprising. Bark is adept at spotting possible problems including drug usage, cyberbullying, online scammers, and suicide intentions. You won’t have to keep an eye on your youngster all the time because it will notify you of such behavior.

Text messages, emails, YouTube, and social media can all still be watched. You can entirely turn off your child’s internet access if you believe they need some time away from technology.

Pricing Plan

  • Offers a 12-month plan with $4.08 per month for unlimited devices.


  • The industry leader in terms of authorized social media platforms is Facebook.
  • When inappropriate content is found, parents are immediately notified.
  • It is simple to install and accessible through the App Store.


  • Only a few functions are offered. does not offer features like app blocking and location monitoring.
  • To fully utilize Bark’s capability, parents still need to set up children’s iOS devices on their PCs.

5. Net Nanny

Key Specs

  • Block a child’s access to the internet or increase it digitally on a parent’s smartphone.
  • Apps with age restrictions should be hidden to keep children away.
  • able to restrict websites by type or inspect website history.

Last but not least comes Net Nanny, which is considered an extravagant parental blocker iPhone. This application has numerous functions that can be viewed and used in its user-friendly parent dashboard.

In the family feed portion, you can also see a quick summary of all of your kids’ online activities, including the programs they’ve used, the websites they’ve visited, and how much time they’ve spent on these sites and on YouTube.

You can quickly deactivate some social networking apps, entirely ban access to particular websites, and block access to content of 14 types, including pornography, suicide, and weapons.

You can immediately prevent your child from accessing anything unsuitable outside of the existing restrictions if they have already accessed something from that category. Even the entire internet can be blocked.

The option to restrict screen usage by specified hours or a time limit is one of Net Nanny’s additional capabilities.

Additionally, there is a GPS monitor that gives you insight to your child’s geolocation, real-time position, and arrival and departure alarms.

Pricing Plan

  • This application costs $54.99 per year and offers access to up to five devices.


  • Include a number of practical features including a website blocker, location monitoring, and screen time.
  • Give parents a summary of their children’s phone usage so they can review it.
  • When a child deletes an app, parents are notified.


  • The SPIN browser must be set up in order to use the website filter.
  • Does not function with popular programs like Chrome.
  • The iOS version has a small number of features.

Wrapping Up

So, these were the top most effective parental blocker apps that are specifically designed for iOS devices. Each of these apps is efficient and user-friendly that helps you keep track of your child’s internet activities.

Moreover, these apps also allow you to block some websites, restrict apps and programs and set a schedule for their mobile usage time.

So, whether you’re looking for a free or paid parental blocker iPhone, you can find some outstanding options above.

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