The Biggest Cosmetic Surgery Trends in 2022

The Biggest Cosmetic Surgery Trends

Statistics show that, when it comes to aesthetic procedures, Australians are spending the most money on anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

With so many influencers and celebrities promoting flawless figures and imposing perfect face contours on us, people cannot ignore even the tiniest flaws on their bodies.

The need for cosmetic surgery skyrocketed in the last ten years, and it continues to be in high demand. In 2022, we’ll be hearing all about neck and facelifts alongside several other trends. Keep on reading to find out more.


Ever since the pandemic hit and people were forced to switch to online work, we have been seeing an increase in facial cosmetic procedures.

The perspective of other people via camera gave a whole new insight into the way our faces appear to others during Skype or Zoom calls.

So, people around Australia and worldwide have started scheduling regular appointments with cosmetic surgeons where they consult on the following adequate cosmetic procedure for their facial features. In 2022, we will continue to see the rise in facelifts considering plenty of work is still online.

Neck lift

Another facial cosmetic surgery we’ll be hearing about in 2022 is a neck lift. As we get older, the skin around the neck begins to sag, creating a highly unattractive look.

Whether in person or via computer camera, showing off drooping skin makes many people uncomfortable.

While we used to see people in their 50s turning to facelift and neck lift surgeries, this year, even those in their 40s are leaning more towards anti-age procedures.

Eyelid surgery

Makeup trends, an obscene number of beauty filters on social media and the glorification of young appearance are affecting the confidence of many people around Australia and worldwide.

Excess skin around the eyes prevents all makeup lovers from making the most of their trendy looks. That’s just one of the reasons why people in the Land Down Under are looking for renowned cosmetic surgeons in the country to perform eyelid surgery.

If you want to minimize the signs of ageing around the eye area, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with the best cosmetic surgeon in Melbourne.

They will recommend the necessary procedure and offer all the guidance you need. Always consult first and take any advice the surgeon offers because they know best what your face and body will benefit from.

Breast maintenance

With the expansion of breast augmentation surgeries in the previous decade, many women are coming back under the knife for a little bit of maintenance in 2022.

While some women will look for breast reduction, others will be in for implant swap and upgrade. However, very few people will require breast implant removal.

When patients refuse to take surgeons’ advice, they often choose too big implants for their body, which results in them coming back for breast reduction. Even then, breast implant removal isn’t an option, just like it won’t be in 2022.

Liposuction and body contouring

While body positivity is trying to find its place under the sun, people worldwide are still not happy with the way their bodies look.

So, in addition to strenuous workouts, they will opt for liposuction to help them get rid of excess fat. Once all the fat is lost, the next problem to tackle is sagging skin.

That’s where body lifts take over. With one procedure, you can remove skin and tighten the remaining tissues.

Additionally, in 2022 tummy tuck will also grow in popularity in 202 because it’s a logical step after weight loss.

Furthermore, for people who are not dealing with too much excess weight, non-surgical body contouring is one of the favourite procedures that help them achieve the desired body shape. From CoolSculpting is one of the examples of non-surgical body shaping that will mark 2022.

From facelifts to liposuction and breast implants, cosmetic surgery trends will be everywhere and will shape many bodies.

If you ever consider any cosmetic surgeries, make sure you have a professional and experienced surgeon on your side to consult with.

Always listen to their advice because they know what’s best for your health. Let them examine your body and suggest the best options for you to get that desired physique without any consequences.

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