The Complete Guide to Floor Tile Estimating for Contractors

Floor Tile

Whenever you plan to replace your old and worn-out home tiles with a new set, it turns out to be the greatest of all investments.

Yes, installing premium tiles increases your home value and the whole space gets lighten up, looks uplifting and balanced.

If you are one of the home-owners thinking to install new tiles in your whole house or specific room, it is recommended to check out this floor tile estimating guide in advance.

It will help you a lot how to determine the tile installation cost and which factors reduce or increase the project cost.

Floor tiles come in extensive variety. Recently, high in demand are the porcelain tiles which gives a feel if we have installed hardwoods.

Though this installation project is not much expensive, still carrying out a proper cost estimating plan is a must.

Average Tile Floor Installation Cost.

The average cost to install ceramic or porcelain tiles is from $13 to $62 per square foot. Price may go up to $83 per square foot if you want to install tiles in your outdoor premises.

Its important to have an accurate floor area measurement in order to estimate tiles quantity. This process is known as construction take-off and you can read more about take-off services.

Which factors affects the tile floor installation cost?

There are certain factors that impact tile flooring installation price. Let us see those details now:

  • The cost of the respective tile which you wish to install onto your flooring.
  • Preparing the flooring area where you will install the new tiles.
  • Labor cost
  • Materials needed for tile installation
  • Removal of old tiles so that new tiles can be installed over there.

Tile flooring materials cost

While preparing the cost estimates, the very first thing that you have to include is the materials cost. Decide in advance what type of tile you want to install. Simple the tile material, the total project will get low and vice versa.

  • Slate tile cost $4 to $14 per square foot
  • Glass tile cost $6 to $17 per square foot
  • Rectified cost $0.60 to $16 per square foot
  • Porcelain wood tile  cost $4 to $13 per square foot

More details to keep in mind!

  • Ceramic tiles have remained the most popular pick among home-owners. They are known for durability and low-price. Furthermore, they are usually installed in a bathroom, kitchen, and also front entrance.
  • Porcelain tile is more durable but it is also more expensive. It is available in wide variety of colors, designs and patterns.
  • Backsplash tiles seem to be the suitable pick for kitchen and bathroom. Those who are under a tight budget, they must go for backsplash tiles.
  • Glass tiles, no wonder, turns to be the most glamorous choice. They have the highest level of resistance towards stain and works best walls.
  • Marble is a natural stone tile material which is believed to be very expensive pick so far. Rooms having marble tile flooring get surrounded with incredible grace, warmth and depth.
  • Granite tiles look significantly harder as compared to marble, relatively waterproof and are assumed to be a fantastic choice for countertops. If you are a cost-conscious, this tile is not meant for you.

Tile flooring labor cost

Labor cost is a crucial element to get added when preparing cost estimates for tile flooring project. Even if you prepare masonry estimating plan, labor cost is the primary and most weighty cost of your report.

The average cost of labor ranges in between $5 and $15 per square foot. If you have chosen a high-end company, they might charge $25 to $115 per hour. 

Note that under this estimated cost, it is required from the labor to prepare the surface and he will be laying down the mortar. Besides, his other duty includes placing tiles on the floor, applying as well as sealing the grout.

Important point to keep in mind

  • The estimated labor cost does not include the cost of removing old tiles. You have to pay separately for this service. Generally, taking out old tiles add $1 to $2 per square foot in the total labor cost.
  • There is another added cost that you have to include in your estimates. It is the cost for the backer board. For the information, it is a material which remains used over sub-flooring and its average price is $4 to $7 per square foot. 

Repairing or replacing the sub-floor for tile installation

If you notice that the sub-floor looks heavily damaged, then replacing or repairing it is a must! The estimated price to repair a sub-floor, it ranges between $35 to $69 per square foot and replacing a cost between $10 to $20.  We believe you should go with the replacing option!

Rest, location, size of the project, whether you want to install tiles inside or outside- these factors impact total tile flooring cost as well. Stay connected to and get valuable info to become pro in estimating.

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