The Effective Role of Powder Coating in Metal Fabrication

Powder Coating

Metal, in its purest form, comes with many drawbacks like getting easily rusted or corroded.

To overcome the side effects of raw metal, the surface of the metal is applied with various finishes and coating to make it resistant to rust and corrosion.

The reason why you should apply finishing and coating to metal surfaces is because of the vast applications of metal in our everyday life.

From steel to aluminum and household appliances to industry-grade machinery – fabricated metal is the primary source material in manufacturing the products.

To protect the metal from its natural enemies and to make it last long – the surface must be coated with anti-corrosive materials that extend the life of the metal.

Many conventional methods like liquid paint are used for metal coating. Though effective and popular, liquid paint finishing has its fair share of drawbacks. The process is time-consuming and requires more labor to do the job.

Moreover, the paint may melt when the machinery is subjected to high temperatures.
Hence, an effective method is introduced in the 1960s to overcome the disadvantages of conventional finishing methods.

Powder Coating:

Unlike in old methods where wet paint is used, it is a completely dry procedure. It’s a strict rule not to have any wetness or water while the procedure of this coating is going on.

In this process, the metal surface is sprayed with dry powder electrified with positive charges. This powder gets in contact with the metal surfaces which consists of negative charges.

The contact of positive and negative charges creates an electrochemical reaction forming long-chain molecules. The polarised powder gets attached to the metal surface which acts as a layer of coating.

The substances used for the powder can be acrylic, epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, etc. You can use the blend of these substances also. If you use sand, then it’s called the sand blasting process.

The attractive point of this coating process is that you will get a fine and uniform finish. There will be no sagging, lump formation, etc. that you see in other wet coating processes.

The Role of Powder Coating:

The obvious benefit of this coating process over others is the appearance. Liquid paints require a professional hand to get a uniform finish. It could go wrong if you are dealing with an amateur or who doesn’t know their way around it.

However, when you use polarised powder, the resultant coating will be so fine that you will not help but admire it. Other benefits include:

Long-lasting coat

The coating will be hard on the metal surface that it can withstand the scratches and other minor damages.

So, this durable finish is hence applied to various appliances like daily furniture, industry- grade equipment, and tools.

The coating is resistant to critical conditions like extreme weather conditions, chemical reactions, and physical contact.

This property is more beneficial to the products that you use daily, for example, in the kitchen.

An even finish

With this coating, there are no lumps, sagging, bubbles, dust bumps, or the insects caught in the finish.

Every imperfection that you see in the conventional finishing methods is overcome with this coating. You can enjoy a perfectly even and fine finish throughout the surface.

For example, think about how the powder-coated steel frame looks like with a perfect outer finish.

Aesthetic appeal

Do you know that the powder-coated metals have excellent light-reflective properties? This makes the metal shining and sparkling, giving the object a new feel every time you use it.

Moreover, you can control the amount of reflection by choosing the high gloss, semi-gloss, and matt finishes.

You can have even different textures like smooth or wrinkled according to your preference.


When you powder coat the metal surfaces, it takes less time when compared to other conventional methods. So, you can get the job done in less time and with fewer labour costs.

That means you can save both your valuable time and money that you can invest in other potential things. All these reasons prove that using a powdered finish is economical.

Range of colour choices

Don’t worry that you have to stick to one colour in this coating. You can mix various powders to achieve the colour you want.

When you tell the supplier your exact requirements, you can get the perfect color that you are looking for. Though white and black are most preferable, you can have a look at other colors too.

Resistant to corrosion

Powder-coated metals show excellent resistance to corrosion. Every metal product is subjected to pressures of natural elements like heat, rain, snow, humidity, wind, etc.

If the metal is not well coated, it can lead to corrosion which damages the products and its functionality. However, when you powder coat, you can dramatically lessen this problem.

Final Wrap

Though this powdered method seems perfect, it’s better to look into the pros and cons of powder coating before you can finalize the decision.

You will have better insight into various forms of coating procedures from which you can select the one perfect for you.

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