The Elder Scrolls Online Achievements

Elder Scrolls Online Achievements

The Elder Scrolls Online Achievements

Achievements refer to awards that players receive for accomplishing a specific milestone in the game. For every milestone that you achieve in Elder Scroll Online, you will earn a specific number of achievement points. Go to the achievement screen to view the total number of achievement points you have earned till now.

They have mainly used a motivation to do more in the game and helped you learn more about your journey till now.

Some of these achievements are also associated with in-game titles, and you will receive the title for unlocking the achievement.

Some of these achievements also reward you with Eso Gold, but these achievements aren’t too many. Other achievements provide you with customization options so you can change the color of your armor.

When the patch named 2.6.5 was released, there were a total of one thousand and seventeen achievements in the game.

Players will receive around eighteen thousand achievement points for unlocking all of them. This number doesn’t include achievements of DLCs as well as holiday events which increases the total number of available achievements by two hundred and seventy.

Here are the accurate Elder Scroll Online achievements that include character, crafting, and collectibles achievements only, along with a guide about you can unlock them.

Lycanthropy Master

Upgrade the Werewolf skill line to the maximum level to get the rustic altar named Primal Altar to Hircine which is worth around fifty thousand gold coins. It also provides you with fifty achievement points.

Vampirism Master

Upgrade the vampire skill line to the maximum level in Elder Scroll Online and receive the full Tamrith Coffin, which is worth twenty thousand gold coins, or just the lid of the Tamrith coffin, which is also worth five thousand coins, as well as the Lama’s White color.

Treasure Chest hunter

Loot more than one thousand treasure chests on the game map and get the decorative treasure chest. You will receive items from this chest that will be worth around ten thousand ESO gold coins, so it is a good bargain.

Master Duelist

Master Duelist achievement will provide you with fifteen achievement points when you unlock it by engaging in a duel with around one hundred players on the game map.

You will earn the title of “Duelist” along with the Dueling Banner, which is worth ten thousand gold coins for unlocking it.

Level 50 Hero

Reach character level to unlock this achievement and get master gold dye as a reward along with ten achievement points.

Legerdemain Skill Master

Reach Legerdemain level fifty to unlock this achievement and receive the “Locksmith” title as a reward.

Fighters Guild Skill Master

Reach Fighters guild level fifty to unlock this achievement and receive Syffim red dye.

Mages Guild Skill Master

Reach Mages guild level fifty to unlock this achievement and receive arcane blue as a reward along with fifty achievement points.

Indomitable adventurer

Complete a total of one thousand quests in ESO to unlock this achievement and get the indomitable violet dye as a reward.

Cyrodiils Champion

Go to the Cyrodiil region and complete all the available quests to unlock this achievement and receive fifty achievement points along with cyrodilic steel dye.

Soul Magic Skill Master

Reach Soul magic level fifty in Elder Scroll Online to earn the Soul Mage Maven title for this achievement.


Go to the Malabal Tor and restore both the green lady as well as the Silvenar at their places to unlock this achievement.

Rewards for this achievement include fifteen achievement points along with Falinesti Green dye and the Handfast pedestal, which is worth around five thousand coins.

Curse Breaker

Restore order in the Rivenspire region by ending the curse of blood there. You receive four different rewards for unlocking achievements, including Doomcraf verdigris dye, ritual constellation, shadow constellation, and tower constellation. Each of these constellations is roughly worth ten thousand gold coins.

Famed Recruiter

Go to Stros M’Kai and recruit all the three available privateers to your team after meeting them. You will also earn the pirate banner as a reward for this achievement.

Shattered Remnants

Go to the Rift on the game map and defeat the Worm Cult there to unlock this achievement. Rewards for this achievement include the famous Torn Worm Cult Banner, which is worth ten thousand coins, and the Riften Copper dye.

Hearts of Darkness

Got to Stonefalls and caught brothers of strife to put them in prison. Earn the Ashland gray dye along with the blood fountain as a reward.

The blood fountain is expensive and worth around one hundred thousand gold coins in Elder Scroll Online.

Vlastarus Adventurer

Go to Vlastraus and complete all the available quests there to complete this achievement to earn ten achievement points.

Grand Master Crafter

This achievement requires some hard work as you have to complete more than eight different achievements first.

Rewards for this achievement include the title of Grand Master Crafter along with the Skyforge Smith Hammer outfit style. These achievements are given below.

  • Professions Master
  • Unsurpassed Crafter
  • Trait Master
  • Jewelry Trait Master
  • Learn the Nirnhoned Trait
  • True Style Master
  • Recipe Compendium
  • Potency
  • Botanistac

Master of Refinement

Refine more than three thousand different raw materials to turn them into better versions and receive the polished steel grey dye as a reward along with Smith’s Bellows, which can be sold for ten thousand gold coins.

Master Deconstructor

Deconstruct more than one thousand items to get some of the raw materials back and craft new items with them.

Grand Master Crafting Harvester

Harvest a crafting material more than ten thousand times in Elder Scroll to unlock this achievement. Rewards for this achievement include the kresh flower red, garden shrub, herbs, ore, and woodpile.

The garden shrub is priced at ten thousand gold coins, while the remaining three harvester items are priced at one thousand gold coins each.

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