The EnQ – Entrepreneurship Quotient has joined hands with Franchise Insider to achieve 1,000 franchise

The EnQ - The Entrepreneurship Quotient LLP

Businesses need to go beyond the interest of their companies to the communities they serve.”

Goes the famous quote by our time’s top industrialist Ratan Tata. Jayant Jani thought no different while starting exclusive product franchise EnQ over five years back.

In a short span, EnQ today has boasted of several exclusive product franchises coupled with the biggest range on AMAZON in personal care.  

What started with giving sole rights of five personal care products in 2017, today in its umbrella has 200+ products.

The unique model has helped more than 130 housewives, youngsters seeking side hustle, businessmen wanting to diversify to start and run their own business.

The EnQ- Entrepreneurship Quotient- has joined hands with business consultant Franchise Insider to achieve mission- 1,000 products franchise by 2035.

Franchise Insider, with its in-depth knowledge and vast expertise, has been able to find the perfect match for The EnQ. So that franchisor and franchisees can grow together.

To achieve the same goal, The EnQ needs to create 1 million successful Entrepreneurs. Here the Franchise Insider plays the big role.

“More than who can invest more, we are looking for who has the right attitude in franchise. The franchise consultant plays a huge role in finding the right candidate”, opins founder Jayvant Jani. The EnQ also has two other founders. The trio, however, are friends first.

“We started our operations in June 2017 with a mission to develop Entrepreneurs and empower people and the economy”, adds Jani, who left a job in a pharma firm to swim into new waters banking on his market knowledge. 

It is among the most unique companies that have Entrepreneurship as a Product.  Most of the products have average ratings of 4 stars.

Sharing the future plan, Jani says, “we aim to become the biggest Organic and Natural based Premium Affordable Brand in the world, with presence in more than 52 countries”.

The EnQ has already set to spread its wings in US and Canada markets. While pandemic has put some break on the growth, Jani is confident that with hard work, along with the support of the franchises, they will bounce back.

He started off his entrepreneurial journey by using his own investment combined with microfinance from the franchise.  

The EnQ Personal care Products

Some of our calculations have been disturbed by pandemic and it has affected our speed of growth. But it just means that we might have to work hard for a year or two another to achieve short-term goals first”.

Jani has no entrepreneurial background. He belongs to a family of government employees. For the same reasons, he knows first-hand pain points come with hardship for someone without an entrepreneur background to start his or her own enterprise.

People need additional sources of income to counter extra expenses, and a parallel set up of an income-generating system to counter such incidents in future. Something that can build alongside current occupation. Something which is secure and easy to handle. 

Something which has a future. Something which can be remotely accessed in this social distancing era. Something which will truly give me a royalty of the hard work.

Options available in the market like multi-level marketing, conventional enterprise, part-time jobs, retail, and distributions come with their own limitations. The EnQ is his answer to all those questions that trouble most aspiring business people.

Jani firmly believes in a saying by anonymous, “If you work like a king for five years, you will be a donkey after five years. If you work like a donkey for five years, you will be the king for the rest of the years”.

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Jani is prepared for extreme hard work in the initial years, and confident about a brighter future.