The Evidence you Need to Win a Slip and Fall Injury Case

The Evidence You Need To Win A Slip And Fall Injury Case


Despite the fact that several people suffer life-altering injuries in slip-and-fall accidents every year in Phoenix, there is still a lack of preventive measures taken by property owners.

When a person slips and falls and is hurt, they can file a lawsuit against the responsible party. What if you were a visitor or client at the place where the accident happened?

In Phoenix, making a demand and reaching a pre-suit settlement are two ways to recover damages. In a slip and fall lawsuit, you must effectively show that the property owner was negligent and that their carelessness caused the fall.

For slip and fall accidents in Phoenix, contact an experienced attorney who can look at the evidence and build a strong case.

Keep on reading this article to learn more about the type of evidence that can help you win a slip and fall injury case. 


A slip-and-fall accident victim’s case depends on their capacity to establish that the area was hazardous.

The victim should take photos of the scene and identify the hazards that led to the accident. The following proof could help your claim if you suffered injuries after tripping and falling on a floor:

• Images of the slippery walkway or the uneven floor surface
• CCTV footage revealing a worker sweeping the floor but failing to post a warning sign.

Medical Records

The medical records will prove the injuries that you sustained as a result of the accident. These may include diagnoses, medications, treatments, hospital stays, bills, and X-rays.

This evidence will help in proving the extent of your injuries, which is also the basis for calculating the compensation amount.

Maintenance Records

Keep in mind that it is a legal need for businesses to keep their premises safe for customers. While they are open for business, businesses go through some safety checks every day and others every week, month, quarter, or year.

Therefore, the information listed below can support your claim that the defendant was required to learn about and correct the hazardous conditions:

  • Copy of property owner’s maintenance records.
  • A copy of the business’s records of internal or external safety inspections, with footage demonstrating that personnel did not check the floors’ safety as frequently as asked by corporate policy

CCTV footages

The footage will help in identifying the victim and the negligent party. While you offer proof showing the defendant’s negligence caused the accident, the accused will counter with proof that, to some extent, you were responsible for the accident. A CCTV recording will demonstrate that your actions did not cause an accident. 

Expert Witness Testimonies

They will help in reconstructing the incident and in explaining how the negligence of the other party led to an accident and caused your injury. 

After an incident, you should immediately retain legal counsel so you can warn the possible defendant in writing not to destroy any important evidence.

The majority of organizations who record their property on camera for security purposes routinely destroy old films after a predetermined amount of time. In order to prevent the defendant from erasing any crucial evidence, you must notify them of your claim. 

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