The Fedora Hat Guide for Modern Gentleman

Fedora Hat

A couple of decades ago, people won’t leave their house without wearing a hat. Back in the day, the popularity of hats was so massive that both men and women considered them as essential fashion garments.

In this article, we will discuss the details about the legendary fedora hat, how to wear it properly, and how to purchase the perfect fedora hat as per your preferences. 

The fedora hat isn’t known as any type of specific hat. The fedora hats are based on multiple characteristics that can be used to boost your fashion appeal.

Over the decades, the versatility and popularity of the fedora hats expanded. From the wide brim gangster fedora hats in the 1900s to the Frank Sinatra hats in the 1950s, the fedora hats can be witnessed everywhere.

Even though fedora hats aren’t an important outfit for the wardrobe of men, a traditional yet attractive fedora hat is one of the best ways to showcase your professionalism. Not to mention, fedora hats will also help you stand apart from the crowd. 

Do You Know What Fedora Hats Are?

This might seem like a simple question. However, keep in mind that the modern-day fedora hats are completely different from the historical ones.

Generally, people use the term fedora hat to describe any type of men’s felt hat that reflects the style of the fedora hats amongst men as well as the consolidation of the fedora hat styles. 

A fedora hat consists of a snap brim. In other words, fedora hats are one type of soft felt hat that comes with an indented crown.

Most of the fedora hats are pinched on the sides of the crown as well as the front of the hat. One of the most eye-catching factors of the fedora hats is that they can be creased, shaped, bent, or sized in multiple combinations based on the preferences of the wearer. The primary variations of the fedorahats are:

  • Crown: The crown is known as the top surface of the fedora hats. Additionally, the crown can be shaped in various ways including a center crease or a diamond. However, the most traditional look for the men’s fedora hats is the teardrop crown. 
  • Brim: The brim of the men’s fedora hats can be finished with various finishes, widths, and positions. The edge of the brim can be left unfinished or simply cut, trimmed, or sewn as per the preferences of the wearer.

    The fedora hats come in special hand-stitched that showcase the strength of the brim. The Cavanagh edge of the fedora hats is no longer in production and only available in vintage fedoras.

    The brim of the fedora hats can be angled up, down, or backed in the front. You can also adjust the brim without any problem. 
  • Pinch: Remember that the softness, location, and sharpness of the fedora hats can vary. Therefore, make sure you pay close attention to the pinch while purchasing the fedora hat. 
  • Material: Felt is the primary choice of material for the men’s fedora hats. Felt is made of matted fibers. This is the main reason why the air circulation of the fedora hats is great. Felt can also be derived from wool. As per Sewport, felt is one type of matted fabric.
  • Decoration: The decoration of the fedora hats is so great that it will help you have a strong impact on your fashion sense. Some fedoras also come with feathers as a part of the decoration. 

How to Pull Off a Fedora Hat?

There are some factors you need to remember about the fedora hats. First of all, you need to determine what type of look you’re trying to achieve.

If you want to showcase an edgy look, fedora hats aren’t perfect for you. The fedora hats will look good with formal or casual outfits.

The fedora hats look best when you pair them with classic or traditional menswear that showcases a certain degree of formality. You can also use a necktie or bow tie as per the color of the hats. 

Since fedora hats will showcase a bold fashion statement, you need to consider the rest of your outfit as the hat will capture the attention of people to your style. Here are some great factors you need to know:

  • Fedora hats will look best when you pair them with a classic jacket. However, make sure the jacket is eye-catching. Consider choosing jackets such as an overcoat, blazer, sports coat, or suit jacket.
  • Since the fedora hats are an essential part of showcasing formality, you need to pair them with something seasonally relevant. Make sure you avoid showcasing a gangster look. Additionally, don’t wear pinstripe suits or aggressive color scheme outfits with the fedoras. 
  • Since the fedora hats come with a vintage look, it makes sense to pair them with classic clothes. Consider leather gloves, vests, double-breasted suits, and collars bars of contrasting colors. 
  • Even though people used to wear the fedora hats year-round, you need to consider the right reason to wear the fedora hats.
  • Even though the air circulation is good, fedora hats are designed for the hot summer days. Make sure you wear the fedora hats during the cooler days of winter, spring, or fall. 
  • Remember that fedora hats are made for outdoor purposes. Therefore, remove the hat when you enter the house or the apartment. This is not only a formality but also a tradition to remove the hat. 

How to Purchase the Perfect Fedora Hat?

Due to the decline of hat-wearing, there are only a few great fedora hat makers present in the world. Before purchasing a fedora hat, you need to conduct some research. Here are a few tips to purchase the perfect fedora hat. 

  • Make sure you always purchase mens straw fedora hats from reputed and professional companies. They will not only offer you eye-catching but also durable fedora hats. 
  • Don’t purchase fedora gats from department stores. They might provide you with a fake or cheap fedora hat. Consider online shopping even if your budget is low. 
  • Make sure the size of the fedora hat is standard instead of small, medium, or large. Sizing is one of the most important factors that will determine the comfort of the hats. 
  • Avoid bright colors as well as black and white for your fedora hats. Instead, consider choosing fedora hats of navy, gray, or brown-shaded. If you want to stand apart from the crowd, focus on the decoration. 


Do you wear hats? Do you belong to the group of men who love to showcase formality? Make sure you invest in a high-quality fedora hat. If you have any questions, consider commenting below. 

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