The first step to achieve success is to set the right goal: Kavisha Mehra, Brand Manager at BYJU’S

Kavisha Mehra, Brand Manager at BYJU'S Institute

AIMC alumna Kavisha Mehra, a Brand Manager with BYJU’S, says those with creative streak are a perfect fit for any advertising firm

By Harshita Das: While most people tend to skip TV advertisements that play in between shows and movies, Kavish Mehra, an alumna of the Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication (AIMC) loves watching them.

In fact, she was so intrigued that she decided on building her career in the advertising industry. Kavisha took her first step towards this journey in 2015 when she joined AIMC to pursue a programme in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication.

Subsequently, she was offered an internship opportunity with MullenLowe Lintas Group. Kavisha’s zeal to learn different aspects of advertising, corporate communication, public relations and so on led her to be nominated for Social Samosa 30 Under 30 category. In an interview, talks about her professional journey and more.  Edited excerpts:

Please tell us about your professional journey?

Kavisha Mehra: I started my career in advertising with MullenLowe Lintas Group as an intern. I also worked with Digitas India, a global marketing and technology services brand and part of the Publicis Groupe, for three years.

At Digitas, I used to manage client relationships while developing an understanding of advertiser’s corporate and marketing objectives to create affiliate marketing strategies that could deliver high-impact results.

I also worked with Dentsu Webchutney as an Account Manager. Currently, I am working at the brand side with BYJU’s as their Brand Manager. 

When I look at my professional journey,  I realise, besides the education, it’s also about what you experience and how you grow in your job journey. 

I have worked with most of the top brands across sectors including JW Marriott , Organic Harvest,  Porsche, Lamborghini , MuscleBlaze, Healthkart, among many others.   

What led you to pick a career in the advertising industry?

Kavisha Mehra: There is no one particular thing. When I used to come across any advertisement, most of the time I used to wonder how the creators came up with such an idea.

In fact, a number of advertisements were so simple entailing the basic insight and human behavior. Like, the Vodafone’s ad with the Pug.

In my society, I used to see a dog following my mother but never thought this could be a messaging point for a brand.

And that’s what intrigues me about advertisements. The professionals in this industry are so observant and they convey the message in a seamless way.

I always wanted to  understand what goes inside the mind of these creators, learn how the brands use human emotions in advertising, and how they crack such beautiful communication. To understand these, it was necessary to be in this field. 

What kind of skills do you think are requisite if you wish to be a part of the advertising industry? 

Kavisha Mehra: I was really an introvert when I joined AIMC. I think you develop skills with time. There is no particular set of skills.

If you are hardworking enough and you are ready to put in that effort as well as take steps to learn the necessary skills required to be in a particular field, you will be able to crack it.

In simple words, it’s about your passion, hard work and focus towards what you wish to do. Moreover, if you have a creative streak then you are a perfect fit for any advertising firm.

In addition, keep reading and watching various videos as these will help in nurturing creative mindset, strengthening your communication skills and project management skills.

Watch news daily to develop awareness about what’s happening around the world. But the first step to achieve success is to set the right goal and dedicatedly work hard towards it.

Any fond memories from your days at AIMC? 

Kavisha Mehra: I have made some great friends in college who I am still in touch with. I am working with one of my best friends from college.

Those friends who came into my life in Apeejay have supported me in every step. Moreover, it’s important to build connections with your peers as well as teachers.

Simply because these connections and networks play a key role given that all of you belong to the same professional background. When you are out of college they help you out in terms of job opportunities. 

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