The Gillette SkinGuard Razor for sensitive skin – Review

Gillette SkinGuard Razor

Shaving sometimes can cause skin issues like irritation, redness, bumps, and flaky skin. These are the signs of having sensitive skin, which nearly 30% of men face while shaving. But, talking about such a problem or taking care of skin is not something which men are comfortable in doing.

While most might just ignore these cut as they are shaving just a few times a month, others try skincare products to reduce the redness. Instead of doing all this one should focus on the core problem i.e. change of the Razor.

Gillette is the company that has taken note of this issue and launched the Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive Razor, which is designed for men with sensitive skin.

Here is the detailed review of the all-new Gillette SkinGuard Razor.


We are never let down by the world’s first shaving company Gillette when it comes to the design of the product. The Gillette SkinGuard Razor comes with a simple yet sleek design, elegant curves with futuristic shining blades.

The Razor comes in a bold color of dark blue and silver, making the product appear modern. Comparing it to any other razor in the same range, this razor scores full marks for the looks.


The packaging is also proven to be as high as the product. Most of the customers, while shopping for any product, are likely to choose one which has glossy and transparent packaging.

The Gillette SkinGuard Razor comes in package design to give you a clear view of the razor without using any additional tools.

Value For Money:

Most of the shaver, which is designed for sensitive skin, comes with a big price. Still, Gillette breaks the monotony as the SkinGuard Razor is priced at a very reasonable rate compared to its competitors.


For those who have sensitive skin, often experience cuts all around the corners of the cheek, neck area, and near lips.

So, if you are those who suffer bloodbath every time you use razor, then opt for Gillette SkinGuard Razor as it glides on your skin doing its job in one stroke.

So bye-bye itchy bumps as this razor promises to deliver smooth and irritation-free shave every time.

Generally, when you use any normal razor to clean the overgrown beard, the blade often gets stuck between the hair. Pulling or putting the pressure on razor results in cuts on the skin.

With the new Razor by Gillette, all this has become forgotten history. Now get a close, clean shave without much effort.

The blade removes the smallest hair even when turned at an awkward angle on the face and neck.

Even cleaning the blade is pretty straightforward. If you have hair trapped between the blades, just put the Razor under running water, and all the residue will be removed easily. This blade is designed for those who want to get on with saving routine with ease.

For those who are needed to shave every day or men who have sensitive skin problem should opt for Gillette SkinGuard Razor as it will cut the fine hair with precision without tugging the hair out.

My Take on The Gillette SkinGuard Razor

The Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive is unequivocal, the best product among the razors available in the market.

Countless men are facing all sorts of skin problems after using the low quality of razor. Use all Gillette razors designed for sensitive skin to get rid of dry skin, red bumps, and cuts.

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Gillette is a known brand of manufacturing products that are classy, skin-friendly, and long-lasting. With the Gillette SkinGuard Razor, the company has created another milestone in the list of successful grooming products for men.