The Government Extended The Duration of The Rooftop Program, Now You Can also Install Solar Panels at Home

Solar Panel Installation

The Government Extended The Duration Of The Rooftop Program, Now You Can Also Install Solar Panels At Home

December 10, 2022: Suppose you haven’t been able to take advantage of the government’s rooftop scheme yet. So you don’t need to worry.

As the government has extended the ‘Rooftop Solar Programme’ till March 31, 2026, consumers have been requested not to pay any additional charges for installing solar panels on the roof.

If you too want to reduce your electricity bill, Narendra Modi government has prepared a great scheme for you.

Applying for this scheme will also reduce your household electricity bill to zero and you will also get a huge subsidy. For this one has to go to the government portal and apply online.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) said in a statement that due to the extension of the rooftop solar program till March 2026, the subsidy received under it will remain available till the target is met.

The ministry said that all residential consumers are advised not to pay any additional amount to any company for applying on the National Portal, and not to pay more than the amount prescribed by the respective distribution company for metering and testing.

More than 43,000 will get subsidy

Let us tell you that the government is giving a subsidy of more than 43,000 rupees on a three kilowatt solar panel.

In such a situation, people have a golden opportunity to install solar panels on their roofs. With a three kilowatt solar panel, you can run AC, fridge, cooler, TV, motor, fan, etc. in your home.

For this, your bill will come to zero every month. You can also earn money by selling your excess electricity to tenants or neighbors.

Complain via email

Complaints can be made via email on demand for additional fees from any vendor, agency or individual.

Customers who want to install solar panels on the roof of their house can apply online through the national portal.

Let it be known that under this program, a subsidy of Rs 14,588 per kilowatt is given for one kilowatt capacity for the entire country.

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