The Hottest Interior Design Trends in 2022: Top Predictions

The Hottest Interior Design Trends in 2022

Whether you are about to buy a new home or if you are simply an interior design lover, you are certainly looking forward to seeing what this year brings to this sphere of architecture.

Some of the best designers in the domain of interior design predict that 2022 is about exquisite aesthetics that doesn’t decline comfort.

While it is certain that the colors and the forms will be classic, at the same time, everything will be spiced up with some contemporary pieces, just about right to make an Instagram post of your new living room or kitchen.

From Hong Kong to Los Angeles, keep on reading what the latest interior design trends worldwide are going to be.

Lots of greens

If you love indoor plants and the color green in general, then this is your year. During the pandemic, we have realized how important it is for our home to be our sanctuary.

And in order for our place of comfort and joy to truly emit this kind of calming energy, we need plants. Your “indoor garden” can have plants of different shapes and sizes, from succulents to philodendron and orchids.

In any case, indoor plants are more than desirable in the majority of the room, as they improve the air quality and have a particularly calming effect.

Moreover, the “green” in your home can be emphasized by the use of nuances of green. Thus, sofas, pillows, frames, walls, and all sorts of details in green are more than welcome.

Even if you are not planning on doing a complete makeover of your home, incorporating a few touches of green will bring a new, refreshing note.

Earthy tones

Bold and neon colors are out for this year. Of course, you can always add a personalized pop of color, by overall, elegant nuances of brown and grey will be mixed with beige, deep blues, and green.

Once more, we want to bring nature into our space. If you live in small spaces, too many deep tones may seem suffocating, so it is better to keep the earthy tones in the detail, like a textured or patterned rug.

Designers and aesthetes have been shopping for high-quality rugs in Hong Kong, as well as in New York, Sydney, and Paris, in order to give a final touch to a certain room.

We have mentioned that grayish or beige rugs bring a touch of nature to a small space, but they are equally important for a larger room.

Too big of a space may seem empty and cold without a rug, thus a textured one will bring much-needed warmth, without taking away the uniqueness of the rest of the design.

Curves are in fashion

Rounded edges on your dining or coffee table, or curved sectional sofas are part of the new trend of curvy furniture that will dominate 2022.

Easily matched with other pieces that have sharper contours, curvy chairs, tables, and sofa bring a retro vibe to your home but with a fresh, modern perspective.

For example, you can create an amazing set in your kitchen by combing a round dining table with a set of chairs that have a sharper, minimalistic design, which is a huge trend in Hong Kong at the moment. Soft, curvy forms bring a cozy and romantic dimension to any space, so you can easily make them a part of your bedroom, bathroom, or even office, especially if you work from home.

Something old and something new

Not only are retro designs seeing a huge comeback, but so are vintage pieces. Whether you have found a priceless lamp in your parents’ garage or if you came across a beautiful coffee table at an antique shop, you will love how these pieces complement the rest of your furniture.

Vintage pieces bring a unique element to your home and are usually less pricey than if you were to have something new and custom-made.

Additionally, using something that has been for ages in your family gives a special, sentimental touch to space, making it a place for only you and your family.

If that wasn’t enough, millennilas and Gen Z are especially fond of using a vintage piece for interior design, as they are eco-friendly, and we are finally realizing the importance of sustainability and repurposing.

Finally, the top trends designers predict for 2022 are exciting and at the same time achievable and affordable.

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