The Importance of Fashion Communication in the Fashion Industry

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Fashion Communication is a professional discipline that entails creating communication related to fashion and lifestyle and can include written, verbal, visual or audiovisual.

With the emergence of fashion & lifestyle industry, multiple fashion businesses entered the industry. This plethora of fashion organizations needed to build distinct brand identity that people will recognize them with, besides separating them from other brands.

Apart from this, Fashion Communication also deals with the concepts of self expression and self identity.

Scope of Fashion Communication:

Fashion Communication opens up access to diverse new-age career opportunities ranging from public relations, graphic designing, visual merchandise management, fashion forecasting, marketing, fashion journalism, brand management, fashion styling, Digital Communication & Fashion Photography. Few of the career options are listed as under:

  • Graphic Designer: He is responsible in bringing alive the design concepts that enhances product reach with customers in addition to not only creating a distinct image but also attracting investors. Furthermore, he must have knowledge about hues, shades, textures, balance incolors and patterns.
  • Visual Merchandising: Toengage and attract consumers, Visual Merchandiser employs Eye-catching in-store displays and decorations that are in sync with company’s overall vision.
  • Fashion Journalism: He generates content that not only creates interest but also influences consumer interest vis-e-vis particular product or brand or a collection. Additionally, he becomes extremely critical in crisis situations when he can use his writing to assist company in overcoming poor reviews.
  • Fashion Forecasting: They are important cog in the wheel for basis their research and analysis of market trends, consumer buying behaviour & their preferences, market conditions, economic situations, seasons and fashion designers etc., fashion forecaster predicts fashion trends for companies to formulate their product, pricing and marketing strategies. Thus they ensure profitability of the company and its success.
  • Fashion Photographer: Fashion Photography is about communicating a story and a designer’s vision in addition to conversing with the target audience through composition and creation of a mood. He plays an important role in highlighting a trend or product or an innovative design or colour besides being a catalyst in swinging customer/investor’s decision in organization’s favour.
  • Fashion Stylist: He is in great demand from celebrities, from film, print, media, television and online industry and is responsible for customizing a specific look (styling) for an individual basis a particular theme, personality, event and the ongoing fashion trends etc. Demand for such talent has catapulted in recent times since they facilitate perfect image makeovers.
  • Marketing & Brand Management: Being communication experts, Marketing is involved in creating brands, their respective distinct positioning that separate them from competitive brands in consumer’s mind. Furthermore, basis the consumer research and understanding of fashion trends, they help create a go to marketing strategy. Additionally, it is also accountable for P&L of the company. Marketing and Brand Management can be further classified basis specialization:
    • Digital Marketing Communication
    • Events Marketing
    • Sales
    • Public Relation

Thus given the scope, you must join fashion communication course immediately and start an exhilarating and rewarding journey.

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