The Most Entertaining Entrepreneur Influencers You Need to Follow

Entertaining Entrepreneur Influencers

We have made a list with some serial entrepreneurs because they bring up too much creativity in new business ideas. However, they have ample followers and clients in their book of business. And that is why following these people would lead up to something positive in your career too.

You need to follow these serial entrepreneurs because they will generate wisdom, inspiration, and creativity in you.

Once you find out how they have built their book of business, you will be all set to work on your new projects with a fresh aura of motivation.

Here we have a list of the top 10 most entertaining entrepreneurs you need to follow in 2021.

1: Marie Forleo

An online marketer and experienced entrepreneur herself, Marie Forleo is the CEO of MarieTV. So if you need to find motivation in everyday life, this serial entrepreneur is the perfect fit for you.

On her Insta account, you will find meaningful quotes, new episodes of her show, and motivational announcements that will supply oxygen in your monotonous life.

Since this influencer turned her experience into this new venture, you can be sure that her lessons will not give you an ego stroke.

Instead, you will learn how this woman built the digital empire she has today. She believes that if you want to be an entrepreneur and start your own business or not, you need to bring out some unique set of talents to survive in this modern world.

2: Everette Taylor

The owner of ET Enterprises, Everett Taylor, says that his business book is filled with clients from Instagram.

Because he believes it is a fantastic platform to acquire new clients and to promote your business. Overcoming homelessness in his teenage years, this serial entrepreneur built his own business at 19.

Under ET Enterprises, he has a few billion-dollar companies to operate, such as Millisense, Popsocial, and Growth Hackers.

On his Insta account, you will see screenshots of articles that feature him and pictures of him speaking at other events.

This entertaining individual also emphasizes the importance of self-care. He says that you can have all the money in the world, but if you are not happy from the inside, then it will mean nothing.

3: Gary Vaynerchuck

This individual was recognized as a serial entrepreneur when he expanded his family winery and made it a $60 million revenue-generating entity with simple rebranding ideas.

He is currently better acknowledged as the CEO of Vayner Sports and Vayner Media. But, you will be surprised to know that this individual supported Twitter and Facebook in their start-up days.

You will find ample video contents on his Instagram account, where he provides serious advice on social media marketing.

The modern, and ruthlessly honest contents on his account are perfect for you if you have a dream of expanding your business through social media marketing.

4: Peter Voogd

The CEO of the Game Changers Academy, Peter Voogd wants to inspire new entrepreneurs, challenge people to think differently and entertain people.

He has got all the promising entrepreneurs in his book of business. He provides them tools, video lessons, and strategies on thriving in the world of entrepreneurship with simple ideas.

This influencer has his Insta account all filled with entertaining video content. He always tells his clients and followers to think things simply.

For example, instead of taking care of 50 items in a new business, if you focus on 5 things and ensure consistency in them, that is how you become a successful serial entrepreneur.

5: Tara Gentile

This entrepreneur influencer is the CEO of CoCommercial. This digital community provides content on how entrepreneurs can make money and impact their communities simultaneously.

The host of the famous podcast ‘Profit. Power. Pursuit’ takes us to the behind-the-scenes of several successful small businesses to instill inspiration in us.

This serial entrepreneur has her Insta account filled with photos of her outdoor activities. They are not meant to be the treat for your eyes only.

But, you can find bits and pieces of information on that account of what entrepreneurship has taught her.

6: Vanessa Edwards

The author of ‘Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People’, is an entrepreneur who teaches people tricks to hone their professional social skills.

She posts funny quotes on social skills on her Instagram, and that people can relate to those quotes wholeheartedly.

That is why the book of business of this serial entrepreneur is filled with clients from social media.

She has content on turning soft skills into actionable gestures, and that is something every science-backed people need today if they want to start their venture.

So it is not just about your idea but People about how well you can present the picture to the audience that decides the fate of your entrepreneurship is her motto.

7: Shane Feldman

This entrepreneur is the founder of Count Me In and believes in all kinds of movements. He highlights the documentary of all the people in the world who are doing good deeds for their community.

He has a lot of successful businessmen in his boom of business. He partners with them and transforms their business ideas into social movements.

Being himself a victim of bullying, this serial entrepreneur knows how essential it is to have enough confidence and self-esteem to succeed in life.

So he teaches teenagers ways to deal with bullying and to retain their self-confidence. He also prioritizes the self-care concept and says it is unnecessary to work 80 hours a week if you want to be successful.

8: Gabrielle Bernstein

The bestselling author and the new role model claimed by New York Times, Gabrielle Berstein is the latest thought leader of this generation.

This serial entrepreneur believes in inspiration. And you will find a lot of inspiring quotes on her Insta account that will offer you a fresh perspective on life.

She has lectured in Google, The Huffington Post, The Omega Institue, Philosophy, and many other notable organizations.

You can also check out her ‘Get Out of Your Own Way and Create the Life You Want!’ class. This is a 32-minute video lesson that will teach you new ways to connect and empower yourself.

9: Natalie Franke

This serial entrepreneur is the founder of Rising Tide Society. In her book of business, she has all the entrepreneurs who meet up monthly to discuss new ideas.

In addition, her Instagram account highlights glimpses of her health struggle alongside quirky scrips of her conversation with her followers.

Her company has had enough contribution in reframing the mindset of society towards creative people.

In addition, it has helped many entrepreneurs in getting the funding they need to start their ventures. This entrepreneur influencer is a brain tumor survivor, so she does not shy away from writing raw content of her personal life on social media to inspire people.

10: Justin Dry

The founder of Vinomofo, Justin Dry, uses his Instagram account to inspire other people. He is inspired by Sir Richard Branson.

You will not only find motivational quotes on his Insta, but pictures of his dog, his family, his friends; everything is there out in the open.

This motivational coach helps other entrepreneurs to speak at business events. He is a well-known serial entrepreneur today because he believes in taking risks even when you are uncomfortable.

Final Wrap Up

Give yourself some time to scroll through these stories and find out the entrepreneur influence that resonates with you.

You can find all of them on Instagram and check out their posts to see who inspires you the most. Find your social media role model now if you want to get some excellent and practical ideas for your future self.

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