The most important thing is being comfortable in whatever outfit you wear,” says fashion designer Saurabh Gupta

Saurabh Gupta

The expert shares unique couture ideas to pull off a summer wedding with grace

By Divya Saini: Summer weddings can be beautiful, but at the same time uncomfortable too. Thus, choosing the right outfit that is comfortable to wear during the wedding becomes a priority when the temperature is high.

So if you are in the process of planning your wedding couture, fret not! We have got them for you. Know what Saurabh Gupta, a leading fashion designer and an alumnus of Apeejay College of Fine Arts (ACFA) in Jalandhar, has to share. 

In a candid interview, the expert shares unique tips to pull off a summer wedding in a cool manner:  

Suggest a few summer wedding colours for 2023

Saurabh Gupta: If we talk about the brides, the first colour that comes to their mind is ‘red.’ But, I would rather suggest them to go for magenta or maroon colour.

Otherwise, lavender, powder blue, powder peel green, powder pink or blush plink are highly in trend this year.

For bridesmaids, I will suggest ivory shade, dusky chandan colour, dry mehandi colour, shades of brown as these are summerish as well as trending.

Share some fashion tips for teenage girls for 2023

Saurabh Gupta: The most important thing is being comfortable in whatever outfit you wear. I will personally suggest they wear long jackets, shirts and palazzo or bohemian style outfits.

They can also add little detailing to the look to catch the eye of people. Like, wearing bohemian belts or silver bangles.

Loose clothing like kaftans, sheer clothing, georgettes, sheer silk, maxi skirts, organza shirts with silver jewelry really gives the body a personality.

Often during the teenage period, girls feel uncomfortable with their body structure. So, they should wear loose clothing.

If they are slim, the outfit will make them look a little heavier, and heavier girls will look thin as their curves will not be highlighted.

Being a bridal wear specialist, what would you advise the bridesmaid?

Saurabh Gupta: I know, whenever there is a wedding announcement, every girl starts looking for lehenga options. Even famous websites showcase pictures of lehngas for the bridesmaid outfits.

But I personally feel that lehengas are very specific, as you can wear them only at your closed ones function and can’t repeat them.  

To all the bridesmaids, I will advise you to opt for one piece dresses. The reason is, most of the girls prefer not to repeat their outfits at the wedding functions.

And investing in one piece dresses can help them customise it into a suit, lehenga or some kind of a dress.

Girls can also wear crop tops and skirts and add a piece of jacket over it. Long shirts with heavy lehengas are trending. 

Jewelry is as important as the outfit. What all things need to be taken care of while choosing the jewelry that goes perfectly with the outfit?

Saurabh Gupta: It depends upon the outfit and the embroidery. For example, if the outfit is of silver shade, then you should opt for the diamonds.

If the outfit is of golden or copper colour, golden jewelry will add on to the look. If the outfit is of red colour,  green will be the colour; for magenta, bottle green; for baby pink, magenta shade stones.

So, go for complementary colours rather than the same colours, as it will make you stand out amongst all.   

Who is your favourite designer and why?

Saurabh Gupta: Earlier, my favourite designer was J. J. Valaya. But currently, I am really liking the designs of Gazal Gupta, a Delhi-based fashion designer.

This girl has started from a very nominal range of outfits, and now she has opened 7 studios in different states.

I learned a lot from her especially, her one-day sale idea is wonderful, and I have practically applied it for my studio and that has worked really well for me.


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