The Reasons Why Amateur Drivers Fail Permit Tests

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Many young people try to get a driving license soon after crossing the legal age so that they can travel and not depend on others or public transport daily. But most of them often end up with disappointment rather than a license because of a lack of practice for the permit practice test.

But that’s not the sole reason.

This blog lists the reasons why amateur drivers, not just youngsters, fail their permit tests. Additionally, there are plenty of sites on the internet where you can get more info on practice tests and tips to pass them on the first try.

Lack of proper preparation

Without preparation, it’s not easy to crack any exam, be it a driver’s permit test or any other test. You need to invest a good amount of your time, learning and practicing a particular set of skills to ace any test.

The written test part of the DMV driving test contains many tough questions about traffic signals and safe driving practices, so those questions cannot be answered by someone who hasn’t read well about these segments or has practiced the tests.

To make sure the same doesn’t happen to you, you need to study the state’s driver handbook thoroughly, take a permit practice test, understand your weak zones, and then finally work on it.

No clear understanding of the test format

Different states have different formats of a DMV driving test, and most people don’t have any perfect knowledge about the exact format of their state’s permit test.

Everything from the number of tests to the format of questions to the permit test can vary from state to state, and if you take it lightly, then you might get caught off guard because of the uncommon format.

The best way to get a proper understanding of the test format is to do thorough research about it or take some practice tests; otherwise, it will be costly for you during the main test.

Anxiety and fear

One of the biggest reasons why many first-time exam takers fail to crack a permit test is because of test anxiety or fear of failure.

Many people often feel pressured to appear for an exam, and if you don’t have the right skills to deal with it, no matter how much you study or how good your driving skills are, you’re going to fail.

The solution to this problem is to take practice permit tests because that makes you habituated to the original test format. Other than that, try to do some breathing exercises or meditate before the exam, as those are some common methods to fight anxiety.


Another big reason why these amateur drivers often fail to crack the DMV driving test is because they take these tests in a very light way. People think that they can easily crack these permit tests with their little knowledge about traffic laws and their riding experience with their friends.

The only solution to this problem is to be humble and understand that this test is not that easy. You need to study enough and take practice permit tests to crack these exams.

Neglecting practice tests

If you’ve read all the above points, then you must have understood that taking the practice tests is non-negotiable. You cannot just appear for the main exam without taking a mock one. Giving a practice test can help you with any problem with your skills and help you solve it.


Try to avoid the mistakes that we have discussed to crack your driving test on the first attempt. A driving license doesn’t just give you the freedom to drive a vehicle; it also opens limitless job opportunities.

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