The Rise And Fall of Doreen Virtue, The “Founder” of Angel Numbers


In the world of spirituality and metaphysics, Doreen Virtue was once a prominent figure, known as the founder of the term “angel numbers.”

With her angel oracle cards, books, and workshops, she gained a massive following and became a leading authority in the field.

Nevertheless, her path from achievement to controversy serves as a warning about the perils of unbridled power and the importance of discernment in the realm of spirituality.

Doreen Virtue And Angel Numbers

Doreen Virtue began her career as a psychologist, but in the late 1990s, she underwent a spiritual awakening that dramatically altered the course of her life.

She claimed to have encountered angels and divine beings, which led her to explore the realm of angelic communication and numerology.

Virtue believed that angel numbers, repetitive number sequences that appear in everyday life, were a form of communication from the divine.

Her teachings on angel numbers quickly gained popularity, and she authored several best-selling books, such as “Angel Numbers 101” and “Healing with the Angels.”

One instance of Doreen Virtue’s belief is that the angel number 1111 symbolizes spiritual awakening, which was the very first number she began to see. Conversely, she believed that the angel number 1212 is a representation of spiritual growth.

She also developed angel oracle cards, which became widely used for divination and guidance. Virtue’s warm and accessible style appealed to many, and her message of spiritual connection resonated with a broad audience.

During her prime, Doreen Virtue was regarded as an authority in the field of angelic communication. She held workshops and seminars worldwide, attracting thousands of followers who sought guidance and enlightenment. Her popularity and influence reached a peak, and she became an iconic figure in the spiritual community.

Controversies Within The Community

However, the story took a dramatic turn in 2017 when Virtue announced her complete rejection of the New Age movement and her conversion to Christianity.

This decision sent shockwaves through the spiritual community, leaving many followers feeling confused and betrayed.

Virtue renounced her previous teachings and publicly disavowed her own products, including her angel oracle cards.

The announcement sparked heated debates and controversies within the spiritual community. Some people praised Virtue for her spiritual transformation, while others accused her of opportunism and abandoning her followers.

Many questioned the sincerity of her conversion and the authenticity of her earlier teachings. Some speculated that her decision was driven by financial motives, as she began promoting Christian-themed products and books.

The fallout from Virtue’s conversion had a lasting impact on her reputation. While she continues to have a dedicated following, a significant portion of her previous audience felt disillusioned and abandoned.

The controversy also shed light on the dangers of blindly following spiritual figures without questioning their motives or critically evaluating their teachings.

Doreen Virtue’s reputation has shifted from being a role model and spiritual guru for many individuals to someone who has lived in an illusion and only recently realized that religion resonates with her more than spirituality.

In spite of everything, her books and cards on angel numbers are consistently selling well and it seems like people remain just as interested.

Final Words

The rise and fall of Doreen Virtue serve as a reminder that spiritual seekers must exercise discernment and critical thinking. I

t is essential to approach spiritual teachings with an open mind while maintaining a healthy skepticism. Following a particular spiritual teacher or relying solely on external sources for guidance can be risky, as individuals evolve, and their beliefs may change over time.

In the end, the rise and fall of Doreen Virtue highlight the need for personal empowerment and self-reliance in spiritual exploration.

While angel numbers and other spiritual practices can be insightful tools, it is crucial to approach them with discernment and use them as a means of self-discovery rather than relying solely on external sources for answers.

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