The significance and growing relevance of human rights

Major General Ranjit Singh VSM, AVSM

Apeejay Stya University conducts a webinar to celebrate Human Rights Day

By Harshita Das: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) empowers each individual. It says: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”

It was in December 1948 that UNESCO placed the Universal Declaration at the heart of all its action, to promote it across the world through education and the media. Hence, Human Rights Day is observed each year on December 10.

This year, to commemorate the same, the National Service Scheme (NSS) and Rotaract Club of Apeejay Stya University Gurugram, in collaboration with the School of Legal Studies, conducted a session on the theme ‘Armed Forces and Human Rights’.

The session began with Harsh Sah, Director of Community Services, Rotaract Club of ASU Gurugram welcoming the guest speaker Major General (Dr.) Ranjit Singh (Retd.) VSM, AVSM, along with welcoming faculty members of ASU, students and other participants.

Amit Singh, Associate Professor of Law & HoD of the School of Legal Studies, said, “Human Rights Day is the overall commitment to the world community.

It is the adherence to the core human rights which is inherent to the existence of human beings. Moreover, these basic or fundamental rights are considered inherent to any person born in this world.

This year’s theme is Equality: Reducing Inequalities, Advancing Human Rights.  This is in line with Article 1 of UDHR. In that regard, there is a strong emphasis currently on striking an equality among all.”

Joining the virtual session from Atlanta, United States Major General (Dr.) Singh mentioned that the topic is close to his heart. He highlighted, “The Indian Army does service before self.

They are playing a great role in establishing peace and ensuring that there is no violation of human rights.

They make sure human rights that are the birthright of any human being, are not violated. Moreover, each army official or personnel also has the right to equality, human dignity and security of self.”

Major General (Dr.) Singh, who was the former Vice Chancellor Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University, Jind and Central University of Haryana, also spoke about the importance of communication skills.

He said, “Students must communicate their thoughts. Being able to communicate effectively is one of the important life skills to learn. Students must engage in fruitful discussion with peers, seniors and faculty members. In fact, professors must stress a lot on the communication skills of the students.”

With many academic laurels up his sleeve, Major General (Dr.) Singh elaborated upon the teaching opportunities in the Defence field. 

He said, “Engineers, law graduates, B.Ed students and postgraduates can join the army, navy or air force. All the three wings have ample scope. In fact, a lot of women are joining the armed forces today.”

As a VC of CRSU, Jind, he had supervised all B.Ed colleges in Haryana and identified non-attending culture amongst B.Ed students.

However, he appreciated that the School of Education, ASU doesn’t promote non-attending B Ed students. The session concluded with a vote of thanks.

Quote: Dr Vijay Kumar, Teacher Educator, School of Education, Apeejay Stya University

“Human rights awareness is crucial to live and let live others in a civilised society. Success of a democracy depends on how far it is ensuring provision of human rights for all, without any discrimination and implement those provisions on ground.

All humans including those serving in armed forces have the right to protect their human rights too. It’s integral to any human being.


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