The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Manufacturers

As a manufacturing company, do you also leave the marketing to your sales team? 

If yes, you’re probably not the only one! 

Several manufacturing companies make the same mistake. In this digital era, you must work smartly and effectively on marketing tactics, regardless of the industry. When it comes to manufacturers, marketing plays a significant role in the growth of the business.   

Today, with the increase in competition and the digitalization of everything, it becomes crucial to focus on content marketing for manufacturers and build a strong strategic plan. 


Look at this data: 

An Industry report shows Manufacturing companies report a rapid increase in building trust and credibility from 66% to 74%. There is also a noticeable growth in their subscribed audience from 32% to 45% over a year, after implementing content marketing.   

So, if you haven’t started working on your content marketing, it’s high time to do it! 

However, content marketing for manufacturers is slightly different from marketing for other industries. 

It is not as easy as it sounds! The entire process takes plenty of planning to create a successful content marketing strategy that effectively leads potential customers to the website. 

No worries, we’ve got you covered! 

Today in this article, we will explain some of the best content marketing strategies for manufacturers in 2023.

These tips will help you drive sustainable results with less effort and in less time. The best thing is that you don’t have to spend months understanding content marketing. We’ve compiled tips showing the best results for many big manufacturing companies.    

In this post, we will be covering the following topics:

  • What is content marketing for manufacturers? 
  • Why is it important for manufacturing companies?
  • 7 Powerful Manufacturing Content Marketing Strategy
  • FAQs

So, let’s start.  

What is Content Marketing? 

Content marketing is a popular technique to attract, engage, and retain potential customers with the help of sharing relevant content like articles, blog posts, e-books, videos, podcasts, and other media. 

Content marketing is about engaging with the audience without directly selling any product or service!   

It is an excellent marketing approach to create and share valuable, relevant, and consistent content with your target audience. From increasing your brand’s visibility to promoting brand awareness, you can gain several benefits with the right strategy and keep your business always on top. 

Why Is It Important For Manufacturers?

According to a study in 2020, the percentage of companies with strategic content marketing grew from 29% to 39%. 

When done right, content marketing can benefit your manufacturing company in numerous ways. This is why, today, it has become crucial to invest in marketing to keep your business aligned with the industry and gain multiple profits.  

Here are key reasons why manufacturers should use content marketing:

  • Improve Online Visibility 

It can help you increase your online presence on various search engines and social media platforms. People are constantly looking for solutions to their problems, so when they find your website with relevant information, they immediately click on your web page. Sharing the right and relevant content online is immensely useful in increasing online visibility.       

  • Create Trust & Credibility 

It is essential to build the authenticity and credibility of your brand to create trust among customers. With the right content strategy, you can also boost loyalty.   

  • Attract More Customers

One of the major benefits of content marketing is that it drives traffic that rapidly generates more leads. When you share informative and relevant content on your website, it will help in building trust among your audience. People will be more comfortable buying products or services from your business. This ultimately attracts more clients and grows your brand.

  • Build Authority 

Another benefit of developing a content marketing strategy is that this will drastically improve your authority online and help you rise to the top of your industry. 

Now you know what content marketing is and why it is important for manufacturers; so let’s move on to the best tips and marketing ideas for manufacturing companies. 

7 Powerful Manufacturing Content Marketing Strategy

Do you want to know the secret to successful content marketing for manufacturers?

The most successful marketers effectively plan and implement strategies that lead the company to the top. They need to deeply understand the manufacturing industry, competitors, and target audience. This will help you to achieve success in the long term.   

Here are the top future-proof strategies: 

  1. Create High-Quality Blog Posts

Anyone can write a blog, but only a skilled writer can create something that can impact the audience significantly!

This is why just writing articles or blogs and posting on your website isn’t enough; work on developing high-quality content or hire content writers.

There are many professional content writing service providers in the market who can help you publish quality content on your website.

There are a lot of options available for the readers, so they only visit your website if they find relevance to what they’re looking for.

While writing, you should focus on your audience’s requirements and currently what they’re searching for. Make sure to add a storyline to keep the content engaging, along with visuals and video elements. 

Industrial and manufacturing companies should always include facts, not fluff, in their website content! You can add facts and stats only from a trusted, credible resource.

Include your customer’s testimonials and certification badges to make it more authentic. This will help you provide informative, relevant, and excellent content to your readers, which will improve the user experience.   

  1. Identify Your Target Audience 

Another important step in generating high-quality engaging content is identifying your buyers.

Audience research is essential because your marketing solutions should reach and resonate well with both searchers and decision-makers. 

The first step is to segment your target audience into segments, such as those reading your blogs and to whom you’re marketing your services: production managers, engineers, developers, or retailers.

Each buyer will have different requirements and demands. Later you can create content and publish it on various channels according to each segment of your audience.

  1. Optimize For SEO

Regardless of the industry, Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for everyone! Boost your content marketing efforts with manufacturing SEO and increase your sales.  

Google also confirms that the purchasing process can be long and different for various buyers. However, one common factor is that today most people search online! 

Almost 90% of people search online for products or services, and SEO is one of the top five factors driving website traffic. 

So even after providing great offers, if your web page isn’t showing on the first page of search engines, you’re missing customers! 

There is no shortage of SEO guidelines; however, here are some important SEO practices you can follow or you can look for professionals who can provide SEO services.  

  • Find the keywords related to the services and products your company offers.
  • Focus on keywords, all-important words, and phrases. Users type these terms into search engines like Google while searching for a service.  
  • Implement the best on-page SEO practices. 
  • Set up KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and analytics. These things will help you to track your website traffic, page speed, and other information. 
  • Monitor your site and adjust the SEO strategy to improve your site’s overall performance. 
  1. Effective Paid Marketing through Ads

Relying completely on SEO practices, will not help your web page to get in the top rankings of the SERPs. To tackle this issue, you can go with other marketing techniques like Paid Marketing.

Paid Marketing helps in generating paid traffic & helps in being visible to search engines by searching targeted keywords. People also prefer Google ads or paid social media campaigns to achieve desired results.

  1.  Utilize Social Media

70% of manufacturing companies said they had noticed a boost in their sales after using social media for marketing.  

From these results, you can determine how much you can benefit from social media marketing when done correctly.

So if you, as a manufacturer company, haven’t started using social media, start integrating it now!  

You can take advantage of various social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter and use them for B2B marketing. These platforms will help maintain a strong online presence and give favorable results for your brand.

  1. Work on Email Marketing 

As already mentioned, content marketing for the manufacturing industry is different from other industries.

Here, it can be long and time-consuming. From clients reviewing options to reevaluating priorities, there is a lot when it comes to managing day-to-day operations. So, as a manufacturer, it is easy for you to get mislaid in the process.

Here comes the email marketing newsletters!    

This will help you update your clients about your products and services. You can send email newsletters with a call-to-action (CTA) button directly to your customer’s email inboxes.  

  1. Promote Your Content

Writing great content and publishing it on your website isn’t enough to drive organic traffic. 

There is more apart from people finding your page on Google or other search engines; you must focus more on promoting your content.  

As mentioned above, take help from social media marketing and paid advertising. From advanced online promotion techniques to offline traditional promotion methods, you can implement anything according to your product and services. 

You can also collaborate with some industry experts and influencers. This is a smart move to improve the visibility and credibility of your business/brand on different platforms. This step will increase the target audience and engagement rates.       

Final Thoughts

With the rise in digitalization, businesses need to get close to their potential online buyers. Marketing is a powerful tool that can help you to leverage your brand effectively without spending too much money and time.   

This guide has provided a roadmap to content marketing for manufacturers. However, remember not every marketing strategy will 100% work for your business.

You have to figure out which method works best for you. So, now you can start implementing these strategies and gain more traffic, engagement, and leads.


  1. What are the 3 most important things in content marketing for manufacturers?

The top 3 goals that every content marketer should consider are improving brand visibility, building authority and credibility, and generating more leads.

These three things are a vital part of content marketing for manufacturing companies to attain maximum success. 

  1. What Are the Different Types of Content Marketing?

There are different types of content marketing that you can use to reach your prospective buyers. Some popular kinds of content marketing are blog posts, videos, infographics, checklists, whitepapers, social media posts, newsletters, e-books, and podcasts. 

  1. What are the essential elements of a content marketing strategy for manufacturing companies?

Every content marketing strategy should have these core elements: buyer personas, quality content, publishing guidelines, marketing plan, and KPI and data analysis.

These elements will help you to develop a successful content marketing strategy for manufacturers to gain maximum benefits.  

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