The Ultimate Guide to Joining the AI Selfie Trend in Instagram

AI Selfie

The Ultimate Guide To Joining The AI Selfie Trend On Instagram

You might have seen a sudden surge of popular Avatar-style photos on Instagram.

Even popular influencers and celebrities like Chance the Rapper and Michaela Jae Rodriguez have hopped on this trend!

These images look like professionally curated artworks with features like soft brushed skin, enhanced eyes and smoothened hair. Many people assumed this was the work of digital illustration.

But then Instagram started flooding with these kinds of pictures, and people discovered that it was the work of Artificial Intelligence.

How Do AI Art Generators Work?

Gone are the days when you have to spend multiple hours on illustrating software. AI Avatar creating software is a great opportunity for people and influencers to get creative with their photos.

Usually, a combination of images is utilized in AI Avatar creation.

One base image and another set of images are used. The generator utilizes a neural network to adapt your pictures to the style of avatar characters.

AI avatars can be utilized in both photos and videos. AI Avatar videos are being used by training service providers to train others and market products.

AI Avatars are also gaining popularity on many gaming platforms.

The latest is the AI avatar trend where you can create a personal avatar using an AI generator. The images can be used as profile images for social media.

How Do I Get An Avatar Of Myself?

After this trend, many people turned to photo editing apps or free avatar generators to recreate this effect.

The majority of the results looked like a cheap remake compared to the more professional AI-generated avatars.

Enhancement tools on apps can help smoothen out skin and hair but there is a limit to what they can do.

Illustration software is another way but it is very consuming and takes a lot of effort. Furthermore, if you don’t have experience with digital illustration, your work is not going to turn out as realistic as you want it to be.

If you want the best AI Avatar for yourself, choose an AI service dedicated to avatar generation. It will give you professional results and do all the work for you.

On AnythingYou.Ai you can generate your custom AI avatar with only a few steps. Their AI Avatars are high-quality, professional images because they use high-quality GPUs for their model.

You can even download the model and generate your own avatars.

The initial steps consist of picking your name and what you identify as. After this, you upload your selfie images from your phone, social media or any other device.

You can mix selfies, upper body shots and artistic pictures as well without any cropping. Once you have submitted your pictures, you will receive your personal avatar images within two hours.

The best part is that you don’t need to install a separate app or get a subscription.

You can download the model and generate your own avatars using the stable diffusion AI.

Will I Get A Celebrity AI Avatar?

Why not?

If you provide high-pixel images of yourself, you will get the best results.

But with poor images, the results might not turn out as expected in some cases.

If your images are unclear, pixelated or don’t show all your features, your avatars might turn out distorted or fail to look like you.

Make sure you follow the upload instructions specified by the site.

Uploading On Instagram

Once you have your avatars ready, select the ones you like best. Go to Instagram and upload your favorite ones with the #artificialintelligence. You have officially joined the AI selfie trend on Instagram!

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