The WhiteTeak Company Launches Light of Enlightenment – The Ceramic Table-lamp Collection

Ceramic Table lamp

The light of the body is the eye. – This is scientific-philosophy what the English Bible reads. With passing time man has turned totally mechanized and outward in outlook.

However, philosophy holds an integral portion of man’s view and thus he is imbibed integrally with romanticism, passion and his love for aesthetic-creations.

No matter how flashy lifestyles people opt but, in solitary moments of life we all crave for the soothing lights of enlightenment. And enlightenment to commoners means lights. Hence, lamps were created.

Lamps made of pottery, alabaster, terracotta and metal have been common over ages; Advent of inventions proved pottery mixed with other materials to create lamps expressed popularity in artistry and utility for use.

Ceramic art is considered as evidence of artistic-creations from forgotten cultures. Thus, ceramics lamps are still most utilitarian in nature as they are 20 per cent more effective and efficient than normal lamps and are exemplarily graceful to the eyes of the beholder.

Keeping this in mind, The White Teak Company, a destination for luxury and designer table lamps, floor lamps, hanging lights and other luxury and rustic décor items has launched their gamut of classy Ceramic Table Lamp collection.

The primary advantage of these stylish and designer lamps is that these Ceramic Table Lamps accentuate the complete interior decor of the volume they are placed in.

The lamps are highly efficient functionally and tremendously attractive. The palettes of captivating choices are available in designs, shapes and numerous colours along with spectacular texture.

This new range of ceramic table lamps aims to set the experience as something platonic and is perfect for a mood lighting experience.

The product range includes amongst many – Lip Service Ceramic Table Lamp, Summer Skies Ceramic Table Lamp, Cotton Candy Ceramic Table Lamp, This Day and Age Ceramic Table Lamp, Come September Signature Ceramic Table Lamp, Malibu Madness Ceramic (Large) Table Lamp, Bahama Blues Ceramic Table Lamp, Fish Bowl Ceramic Table Lamp,StarGazer Ceramic Table Lamp, Knight For a Day Ceramic Table Lamp, etc.

“Table Lamps add a definite charm and accessorize a space beautifully. And there are so many choices! Tall, short, metallic, ceramic, glassy.

We sure know what it’s like to walk into a store and be spoiled for choice between the hundreds of options in front of us.” says Anu Mehta and Mamta Mehta, founder, and co-founder of The WhiteTeak Company.

The largest designer collection of Ceramic Table Lamps does enhance the freshness of subtle glamour with newness and mixes proportionately into any space.

Available at: The Whiteteak Company 
Web Address :
Contact -(+91) 9873 99 44 97 

Product Details 

1. Come September Signature: As pretty as a sunflower, just like Cinderella. With warm cookies and falling leaves, It’s time to welcome September. An intricately crafted ceramic lamp with a simple yet chic shade, she’s the trend to walk you through this season. Price: Rs 6950/= 

2. Star Grazer: Oblivious to the world, exploring the depths of the sky. Eagerly listening to the tales of Ares and Aphrodite. Sculpted in ceramic and finished in a cloudy grey with a fabric shade the Star Gazer is beauty beyond words. Price: Rs 7,450/= 

3. Fish Bowl: Let the rhythm of the water set your soul free. A beauty that’s crafted in ceramic with a quirky design to feel like the deep blue sea. Price: Rs 9,950/= 

4. Lip Service: Illuminate your space and shine bright like the moon. Visually appealing depressions crafted like craters to give an impactful look to any room. A sober grey ceramic lamp and a beige fabric shade gives you an easy and soft look. Price: Rs 5,950/= 

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5. Malibu Madness: It’s time to unwind and let loose, just groove to the Malibu Madness. Crafted in a gorgeous teal it’s a beauty set to steal hearts. Ceramic colored lamps are the trend the world over. Price: Rs 7,950/=