The Whiteteak Company unveils the majestically designed “Horse Inspired Home Decor Collection”

Horse Inspired Home Decor Collection

Shopping for beautiful interior products and home décor accessories can be both challenging and time-consuming.

So to make shopping for stylish and modern home decor truly enjoyable and effort-free, The Whiteteak Company which is one of the best online destinations; lets you shop the world’s finest and creative interior products like Luxury and Designer Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Hanging Lights and Luxury and Rustic Décor items, showpieces, etc.

to add your own style stamp with designer home accessories perfectly matching your interior scheme.

Serving the insightful customers with homeware decor accessories that are as unique and individual as the customers themselves, The Whiteteak Company has unveiled the majestically designed “Horse Inspired Home Decor Collection”, which would be eye-catching piece for any tasteful home.

The collection has artifacts in different designs, styles, and sizes in the material of marble, resin with a combination of metal, cast iron in different finishes.

Derby Champion is the antithesis to the famous Trojan horse, which represents power and transparency. The gilded curves of this magnificent beast symbolize a quiet strength. 

According to Anu Mehta and Mamta Mehta, Founder, and co-founder of The WhiteTeakCompany, “the new collection added to the Whiteteak House is one of the most creative design collections in the home decor segment.

Each piece is designed in such a way that will change the overall look of your home giving luxurious décor feel. In different shapes & colours, these home decor pieces are available online and at our flagship stores.” 

Available at : The Whiteteak Company, Web:, Contact -(+91) 9873994497 

Product Details: 

1. Mahra Home Decor: Inspired by a rich culture, Mahra means an elegant and beautiful horse. Horse’s are considered lucky to have, now add this to your home and invite in positivity and good luck. Price: Rs 8290/=

2. Glided Pony: Inspired by what some say is the most famous horse in history, this piece is reminiscent of Alexander’s warhorse on the battlefield.

Immortalised in casting iron and marble, the gilded horse is captured in perfect poetic motion. Formidable on his hind legs, and reaching for the sky, Bucephalus represents strength and glory. Irresistible. Price: Rs 18,450/= 

3. Derby Champion: An antithesis to the famous Trojan horse, this wonderful sculpture set in iron represents power and transparency. The gilded curves of this magnificent beast symbolise a quiet strength. Price: Rs 10,590/= 

4. Horse in the wind: The horse in the wind decor piece possesses a quality to attract and inspire everyone in its surrounding, Built intricately, this lovely piece is a delight to own. Price: Rs 5,690/= 

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5. Pathfinder Home Decor: Sculpted in stone painted in white, here comes the Pathfinder. Thundering across plains and mountains, fluid and graceful he’s unconfined running through the wild. Price: Rs 27,950/=