Things Indian women face during the marriage

Indian women face during the marriage

Things Indian women face during the marriage

An Indian marriage is a little complex, and it changes the lives of many people directly or indirectly. Since Indian societies are close and connected, a slight change would affect everyone.

Significant changes come in the life of a boy and girl since, as per the Indian tradition, a girl has to leave the paternal house and move in with her husband.

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Some of the constraint that forces women into marriage

  • Age of marriage: except the Indian constitution, there is an Indian society with age limitations for men and women. They started taunting unmarried girls in different ways. If you are in your late twenties, it is too late, as per society. Therefore, there is constant pressure on girls’ shoulders to get married. Girls need to break the stone and get married only if they feel like doing that.
  • Becoming a mother- compulsion or choice: Motherhood is a lifetime job with no vacations, It is a feeling that touches your body and changes your life, so it should be done mindfully. Society needs to understand a woman is not only born to become a mother. She is an individual having the wholesome right to make every decision in life. It should be her decision whether she wants to be a mother and how to carry it.
  • The qualification of a girl should not be higher than groom: Indian societies have specific standards for women’s achievements. This is entirely unrealistic and pathetic; some of the best marriage bureau in delhi have a variety of education and mindful profiles of a groom who respects girls and treats them as an individual for the property. Indian society has still needed to normalize some facts that a girl could be qualified and educated.
  • Family pressure and societal pressure on women: marriage should not be done for society or the bride, and the groom must take family, this most significant decision of life. For every compelling person, you need to follow one step to ignore them. Empower your personality, fulfill every dream of life, and while you are at the top of anything, nobody has the authority to pressure you into marriage.
  • Be independent: if you have a decent education, you need to make a career using it. Otherwise, you may have to depend on the rich husband your family is searching for you.
  • Is marriage a safe surrounding for women: Indian society has no such laws for marital rape and domestic violence? Hence, women fear getting married, as they feel unsafe in their marriage. Never decide in the first meeting, as it is not enough for the one you will spend life with.
  • Divorce is a curse, not a boon: it is better to be separated than live in any toxic relationship, but these societies will never accept this fact. Hence, if the woman is complaining about the abusive husband or in-laws to her near or dear, the chances are that they may only tell her to compromise and adjust.

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