Things to Know Before Booking a Miami Trip

Miami is beautiful in the mornings

Beautiful Miami, which has plenty of culture and diversity, attracts over 15 million tourists each year and is one of the top destinations to visit in the US.

The city’s location on Florida’s southern point makes it a must-see for ocean lovers, while the city’s art deco district contributes to the city’s appeal.

Here is some Miami travel advice for individuals planning their first trip or returning to this gorgeous city after a long while.

Miami loves to party

New York isn’t the only city in the United States that never sleeps. Whether you’re merely going out to eat or getting ready for Miami’s glamorous club scene, you’ll want to delay your plans – or risk being the first one in the club.

Top clubs such as Space and E11even are open all day, while LIV, another popular alternative, doesn’t welcome its guests until midnight.

You should also bear in mind that headliner DJs don’t normally start mixing before 2 or 3 AM. If you’re not a night owl, visit Lagniappe, an open-air bar with live music. It caters to a clientele that likes to go to bed at a more conventional time.

Miami is beautiful in the mornings

Though Miami is known for the wild party scene, you should take a day off from partying and become an early bird, even just for one day.

Mornings in Miami are picture-perfect, especially if you experience them with a cup of your favorite brew to go.

Stroll around town and take in the wonderful scenery basked in the morning sunlight. Early mornings are also an excellent time to walk along the beach, which is bustling with people jogging and riding their skates and rollerblades.

If you’re sporty enough, you may want to join them by renting a bike or by just putting on your comfy running shoes.

Miami tends to be expensive

There’s no need to gloss over the truth – Miami is one of the most expensive cities in the States for tourists.

The city is a year-round hotspot since it’s a magnet for people enjoying parties, beaches, luxury services, excellent restaurants, and art.

Since winter and early spring are the busiest time of year for Miami, expect higher prices if you plan on visiting the city at its peak months.

However, there are still some ways to pay attention to your budget. Look for cheaper accommodation on the backside of Miami Beach.

Though it’s not that much farther from the beach, the atmosphere is much calmer. Be wary of the tourist traps and research the pricing at the spots you’d like to visit if you have to be careful about your spending.

Enjoy Miami’s diverse cuisine

If you’re a lover of the culinary arts, you’ll be happy to know that Miami is famous for its rich cuisine.

The best way to take in everything this amazing city has to offer is to look for fun Miami tours that focus on everything cuisine.

Miami is home to a lot of people with a Latin American background so it’s only natural that their rich culture is reflected in the food.

A good culinary tour will accommodate people with special dietary restrictions so you don’t have to be extra cautious, just mention it to the organizers.

Meeting other tourists and enjoying a lush lunch together will make both your heart and tummy full. Who knows, you may try some new foods which will change your life forever!

There’s more to Miami than Miami Beach

Miami Beach and the art deco skyline surrounding it have become the most famous segment of Miami.

However, this stunning city has so much more to offer besides one picturesque beach and a lovely stretch of tall buildings.

Don’t restrict your Miami experience to only one neighborhood, you’ll definitely regret it in the future.

Make the most out of your trip and venture into exploring more remote places of the city. For example, Crandon Park is a great beach to visit if you’re traveling with family.

If you’re a fan of kayaking, don’t miss out on Virginia Key Beach Park. If you’re accompanied by your dog, you’ll be happy to know that Haulover Beach has a wonderful dog-friendly section.

Be wary, right next to it is a nudist beach, so don’t go if you’re uncomfortable seeing some naked bodies.

Miami is a city so diverse that it offers something for everyone. It’s perfect for clubbing but also for enjoying a quiet lunch with your friends.

If you’re an early bird, take advantage of Miami’s wonderful dawn and jog next to the ocean. When you visit Miami, don’t limit your experience to Miami Beach, there’s so much more to see.

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