This alumni staunchly upholds the principles of Sanskrit teachings

Ayushmann Jha

An alumnus of Apeejay School, Pitampura believes that consistency and perseverance are key to success

In the ever-evolving landscape of career choices and professional ambitions, it’s imperative to conclude one’s academic journey before venturing into the world of employment. This transition marks not just a significant milestone but also the beginning of a journey where true success is measured by the meticulous nurturing of one’s vision and academic groundwork.

It is in this preparation where potential is honed, skills are developed, and dreams start to take shape, setting the stage for a future that not only promises personal fulfillment but also the ability to make a meaningful impact.

Meet Ayushmann Jha, an enthusiastic young individual ready to intertwine his story with the challenging yet rewarding path of civil services. Ayushmann is propelled by a deep-seated ambition to effectuate a positive change within society, showcasing a commitment to excellence and a readiness to transform his aspirations into action.

He shares his guiding philosophy, encapsulated in the ancient Sanskrit words — Vidwan Sarvatra Pujyate. “This isn’t just a phrase, it is a creed to live by. It encapsulates the profound belief that in possessing knowledge and wisdom, one not only commands respect but becomes a revered presence in every sphere of life,” Jha said

Excerpts from the interview:

Tell us about yourself and your visions.

Ayushmann Jha: I completed my B Tech in Electrical Engineering at IIT-Mandi.  My undergraduate years at Apeejay School, Pitampura laid a strong foundation, and I carry those experiences with appreciation. At present, I am dedicatedly preparing for Civil Service, to take the exam in 2025. This phase of focused preparation aligns with my aspirations for a future in Civil Services.

How was your experience at Apeejay School?

Ayushmann Jha: The entire voyage from pre-primary to class XII was truly exceptional. The guidance and support from the teachers were invaluable, not only in academic pursuits but also in instilling essential human values.

While education can certainly be acquired anywhere, the impartation of certain values is a unique and invaluable contribution of these remarkable educators. The friends I made during my time at this school are truly special and have been a tremendous source of support.

I remain closely connected with the majority of my friends, and their ongoing support continues to be a significant part of my life.

Furthermore, these teachers played a crucial role in assisting me with extra classes while I was preparing for other competitive exams. I am deeply indebted to them for their unwavering support and guidance during that challenging time.

What motivated you to join engineering or civil?

Ayushmann Jha: I consistently aspired to pursue a career in Civil Services while also harbouring the dream of enrolling in a top-notch engineering college. Through persistent effort, I successfully secured admission to IIT to pursue my engineering studies.

The ambition to become a Civil Servant is rooted in my desire to make a meaningful impact on society and to represent the nation on a broader scale.

What are the memories you reminisce most about your school days?

Ayushmann Jha: The Annual Appreciation Day practices and sessions were some of the most enjoyable moments. All of us, (friends) used to engage in chess, ludo, and other board games which added a delightful dimension to these times. It wasn’t just about academic pursuits.

These practices played a significant role in fostering a strong bond between juniors and seniors. I actively participated in various school activities.

What made you have a transition from astronomy to engineering?

Ayushmann Jha: Despite having a deep interest in astronomy, particularly in the fascinating realms of astrophysics and planetary studies, my ultimate priority is to take the Civil Services exam.

Unfortunately, the specific field I wished to pursue within Astronomy was not available in India. Faced with the need to decide on a more secure future, I opted for the path aligned with my primary goal of the Union Public Service Commission exam.

Any advice you would like to give to present Apeejayites?

Ayushmann Jha: Consistency and perseverance are fundamental elements for achieving success. While some argue that coaching alone may not suffice, the truth lies in the importance of personal guidance and determination. Having the willpower to pursue one’s goals is crucial, and proper guidance plays a significant role.

The Sanskrit saying Shravem Sardahm Sadhya emphasises the belief that with diligent effort and hard work, anything can be achieved. If you remain consistent, no obstacle can impede your progress. This has been my motto over the years and should be everyone else’s too.

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