This Apeejay alumna shares her fascination for learning data analytics and AI

Supriya Gera

Consultant with Deloitte Supriya Gera, says Technical skills like data visualisation and knowledge of analytics tools are essential

By Mahima Gupta: Apeejay Newsroom recently had the pleasure of speaking with Supriya Gera, an accomplished alumna of Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg, Jalandhar. Supriya, a 2016 graduate, has gone on to make significant strides in the field of data analytics and AI.

Currently working as a consultant at Deloitte, Supriya credits her formative years at Apeejay for laying the foundation of her confidence and success. In this engaging telephonic conversation, Supriya shares her journey, experiences, and insights into the evolving world of data analytics.

Can you share a bit about your educational journey and how Apeejay School shaped your career path?

Supriya Gera: I studied at Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg from nursery till my 12th grade. Post that, I pursued engineering from NIT Jalandhar. Apeejay played a crucial role in shaping my personality and giving me the confidence that has been instrumental in my college and professional life.

The school’s emphasis on various activities beyond academics, like speaking skills, creativity, and sports, contributed significantly to my overall development.

How did Apeejay School contribute to your confidence and professional success?

Supriya Gera: The confidence I gained at Apeejay came not just through studying but through a well-rounded environment created by the teachers, curriculum, and extracurricular activities.

The school provided a platform to develop essential skills that are critical in the real world, such as communication and presentation skills, which have been incredibly beneficial in my career.

What aspects of Apeejay School do you miss the most?

Supriya Gera: I really miss the teachers. They played a pivotal role in my journey by providing mentorship and guidance, which has had a lasting impact on my career. The bond I shared with them and the way they shaped my future is something I hold in high regard. I am still in touch with a few of them, and their continued support means a lot to me.

How did your interest in data analytics and AI develop?

Supriya Gera: During college, I realised that I was more inclined towards new technologies and data rather than the core field of engineering. Data analytics and AI are fascinating because they are ever-evolving and have a significant impact on our daily lives, both professionally and personally. This field is the future, and it excites me to be part of it.

What do you believe are the essential skills needed to succeed in data analytics and AI?

Supriya Gera:Apart from nurturing technical skills, strong communication and networking skills are crucial too. These help in effectively presenting your findings and collaborating with others. Technical skills like data visualisation and knowledge of analytics tools are essential in addition to having the ability to co mmunicate your insights clearly.

How do you stay updated with the latest trends in data analytics and AI?

Supriya Gera: Working at Deloitte, we constantly need to update ourselves with new technologies. I follow the latest trends, such as Gen AI and tools like ChatGPT. Learning new skills and staying current is vital because the field is continuously evolving. There are numerous platforms available now that make it easier to learn and stay updated.

Can you share some tools or platforms that beginners in data analytics can use?

Supriya Gera: For beginners, tools like Tableau and Power BI are excellent for data visualisation. They are user-friendly and do not require heavy coding knowledge. Additionally, learning platforms like GitHub can be very helpful for those starting with AI and coding.

What are your long-term and short-term career goals?

Supriya Gera: In the short term, I aim to gain more experience and keep learning to refine my expertise. My long-term goal is to start something of my own in the data space, focusing on introducing AI and data analytics at an earlier educational stage. There’s a significant gap in how these subjects are taught, and I aim to bridge that gap.

What advice would you give to current students at Apeejay School?

Supriya Gera:M y advice is to explore beyond the textbooks. Use the resources available to learn new skills and find where your interests lie. For those interested in data, start with basic tools and gradually move to more complex ones. The field is vast and full of opportunities.

How do you see the future of AI impacting education and the professional world?

Supriya Gera:AI will enhance the learning experience by providing more personalised and efficient methods. It c an significantly improve education and professional training, making processes smoother and more effective. However, it won’t replace human roles but rather complement them by making our tasks easier and more efficient.


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