This Gujarat-based entrepreneur makes Eco friendly & Lightweight Wall Panels, Dry walling system @ Bhargav Infrastructure

Siddharth Kantharia

Siddharth Kantharia is the Founder and Managing Director of Bhargav Infrastructure Surat Gujarat, the company manufacture Lightweight Wall Panels/ dry walling system.

The company established in 2009. It was a dream project for Siddharth Kantharia. He always wants to develop something sustainable, innovative and an environment friendly alternate construction technology.

Which will be clean and green environment and meet up with future requirements. The company has executed various projects across India and globe as well. countries like Maldives, Seychelles, Myanmar, Doha Quatar, Nepal.

Siddharth Kantharia started his business career with textile industry but he was not satisfied with that business practice, as his vision to do and deliver something unique to construction Industry.

With an Incorporating Bhargav Infrastructure Private Limited. The company manufacture a product which is known as Lightweight wall panels.

The Panels are a direct replacement for traditional brick wall and blocks. The easy, quick and strong way of construction.

The product is also called Dry Walls, Insta Walls and ready walls etc. The company has only few competitors in the market. The Bhargav Infrastructure is the only MSME manufacture of Drywall panels.

The company has an excellent technical team with an architects and structural engineers, which can execute any challenging project as per geographical requirement in any region across globe.

What are the challenges?

Inspite of lightweight and eco-friendly product. (no water quirting needed). In India, people are still constructing in the Traditional way of construction.

Which is not feasible for futuristic Infrastructure and not good for the environment too. The rates of panels are also a little bit higher than bricks because of their production value.

Bhargav Infrastructure

So, in India, people approach less but in foreign countries, things are easier. People understand the value of time and environment, so they approach more.

How Wall Panels Formulate

The panels are made by Fly Ash, cement, EPS (Thermocol Balls), are core materials of panels, and 5 mm non-asbestos fiber cement sheets are in both side of panels as facing sheet.

Due to the cement sheet, the panel does not require plastering and water curing. Which makes them faster in construction.

The used material makes the panel lighter in weight and at the same time stronger than clay brick and fly ash blocks.

Where to apply

The Bhargav Panels can be applied in any sort of structure temporary or permanent, Commercial buildings, Office, hospitals, school, colleges, malls, shelters for poor people in urban areas or rural as well as remote areas.

Where it is hard to get all sources like cement, sand, labours, especially where water is not an available area like Desserts, forest or hilly areas, island, army camps, labour camps, labour quarter, rehab shelters, housing. In these places, we can do easy and fast construction by Bhargav Panels.

Siddharth says

The structure should be designed less harmful to the environment and can save natural resources. He says a Lighter structure increase the life of the construction.

The product is Reusable.

 The product is reusable and valuable for money. After applying the wall panel, if the customer wants to shift the used panels to another place, it can be done easily with the help of our team.

How the Bhargav Panel is Eco friendly

In manufacturing, process panels do not need autoclave or heating. In the process of getting good strength to panel, which saves natural resources like coal, gas, diesel and some other source of heat process.

At the time of construction, panels do not need any type of water quirting. Which save water and that water can be used in needy place.

The panel also need only 7 days for Natural curing in the stockyard. Which again saves natural source and do not leave any carbon footprint.

Size of Wall Panels

The standard size of the Panel is 610mm width 2440-3000mm length thickness are 60mm-75mm-90mm-120mm.

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Siddharth Kantharia further says that the company is also applying for government projects. So that the company delivers the message of this environment friendly product.