This Gujarati Producer Makes a One Character Gujarati Film – RJ Khushee, an Expression of Happiness


RJ Khushee – an expression of happiness (One Character Gujarati Film)

In the Gujarati film industry, directors and script writers are bringing something new in the films they are making today, whether it is themes, genre or different themes are being explored.

On those lines, a film named RJ Khushee – An expression of happiness, a single character Gujarati film tells the story of a girl who wishes to be alone away from her family and friends and how she fights a serious illness.

In a conversation with SugerMint, script writer / producer Himanshu Vyas shared his experience working on the film.

Talking about his film, Himanshu said, “It is an offbeat single character Gujarati film which will have elements of humor and romance. The film is planned to be released in Gujarati, Hindi and English.”

After coming up with a new saying in the Gujarati film industry. Vyas also elaborated on this. “Creating a single character film is not easy. The story has to be narrowed in a way to catch the attention of the audience.

I have been working on this project for the last 2 years. He said, “New faces will be introduced in the film because I belief that new talent should be recognized by everyone”

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