Palo Santo E Limoncello

May 2022: This Summer, Naso Profumi, the Homegrown Luxe Fragrance Label, will teleport you to the Italian countryside with its captivating new fragrance- Palo Santo E Limoncello.

Palo Santo, never been used in Eau De Parfum before- sourced from the native forests of Peru, is brought to you distilled in a bottle, this summer by none other than Naso.

Reminisce a siesta on the Amalfi Coast, with the whiffs of lemon, mint and cedar, Palo Santo E Limoncello is your treat from the heart of the Citra heaven in Italy, blending into the summer splash of the Indian wind. 

Capturing the scent like never before, Naso Profumi unveils Palo Santo E Limoncello, the perfect cleanse for summer. Burst the torridness with the sweet, sour whiffs of Palo Santo!

Need a quick pick-up to deal with the sweltering heat? This enticing fragrance with Limoncello, Mint and Bulgarian Pink Rose notes will refresh your senses, leaving you in a dreamy, fragrant state. 

To perk up your homes, with Palo Santo pure soy wax candle that brings out nostalgia of travel. Naso, known for its unique amalgamations with ingredient play has struck their summer flavour and it is said to transport you right in the heart of the Amalfi.

After the warmer temperatures debut, it’s time to bring out your lighter, citrusy summer scents. Just as the seasons change, so can your fragrance preferences—and summer is a great time to embrace scents that help you reminisce on your favorite memories. 

Palo Santo E Limoncello wafts will make Sicilian summers feel closer. This citric, stark, refresher of a blend with Mint & Cedar on its base is neither sweet nor salty, it lies in the middle of the palate grounds to take the shape with your scent, this summer! 

Palo Santo E Limoncello Frangrance & Pure soy wax candle is exclusively available on

  • Priced at 50 ML – 4500 ₹ 100 ML- 5500 ₹ 20 ML- ₹ 2500
  • Pure soy wax candle 610g at ₹ 2,500
  • Or try the 10ml blend pocket perfume and take a dip in the Sicilian whiffs this summer.


Italian Limoncello 


Aqua , Mint & Bulgarian Pink Rose 


Palo Santo 

Healing benefits 

  • Cleanses your aura 
  • Refreshes your vibration 
  • Good for body as well as home 
  • Calms the mind 
  • Eradicates negativity 

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