The Road to Victory: A Conversation with Tilak Gowda and Nikhil Das of RLZ Motorsports


Unleashing the Power of Performance: A Spotlight on Mr. Tilak Gowda and Nikhil Das at RLZ Motorsports

Tilak Gowda: A Renowned Artist, Stunt-rider, and Automotive Enthusiast Behind RLZ Carbon’s International Success

Tilak Gowda’s artistic prowess and passion for automobiles have earned him more than 30 national level recognitions in various art competitions.

His exceptional skills as a stunt-rider further demonstrate his dedication to the world of motorsports. Combining his love for art and automotive, he played a pivotal role in transforming RLZ Carbon into an internationally acclaimed brand.

Nikhil Das: Visionary Leader and Business Maestro at RLZ Motorsports

With a diverse background spanning over two decades, Nikhil Das is a seasoned professional known for nurturing organizations with a hands-on approach.

As the founder of Promptec LED, AgDhi, and MotoNerdz, and the former CTO of Havells group, Nikhil’s contributions have been remarkable.

His most notable achievement was building India’s first and largest LED lighting company, later acquired by Havells.

He brings a track record of shaping businesses, optimizing efficiency, and achieving record valuations to RLZ Motorsports.

Collaborative Roles at RLZ Motorsports

Within RLZ Motorsports, Tilak Gowda takes charge of research and development, as well as production activities, utilizing his expertise to drive innovation.

On the other hand, Nikhil Das oversees process improvements, distribution, retail operations, budgeting, cost control, and other essential aspects crucial for the company’s success.

Supported by Kavana BC and Gaurav N, they form a formidable team dedicated to taking RLZ Motorsports to new heights.

Tell us a little about yourself

RLZ is found and run by 4 passionate people named Tilak, Kavna, Gaurav and Nikhil. Mr. Tilak is an artist and a Motorcycle Stunt Rider who won over 60 awards in various State and National level events & Mr. Nikhil a businessman who ideated, scaled and merged multiple companies.

Can you tell us about the journey of RLZ Motorsports and how the idea of India’s first automotive pre-impregnated carbon fibre composite parts manufacturing company came about?

Over a decade back RLZ started as a very small RnD and production unit which served the aerospace industry (drone parts and UAV components).

Those days CF was not a popular item among the public. However, during Covid time when the aerospace industry got badly hit.

As a survival plan RLZ Carbon decided to diversify its business into automotive space. With the level of experience, we gained over the years helped us cater to all the requirements in the automotive sector.

We produced world class products at the most affordable rates here in India. Currently we have markets in Japan, UK and USA and most leading premium automotive distributors are all our customers.

What sets RLZ Motorsports apart from other carbon fiber composite parts manufacturers in the automotive industry?

Our manufacturing process is very unique and for someone to achieve the perfection what we attained will only happen with a huge investment and years of experimentation.

We use only Pre-preg material for manufacturing. Consistency & Repeatability are our key success mantras

What challenges did you face during the initial stages of setting up RLZ Motorsports, and how did you overcome them?

As mentioned CF being a dish market Aerospace was the only industry where CF was a must have product.

Over the years when Automotive industry adopted, these became jewellery material for the premium vehicles.

Now with EV’s weight reduction being the only area to improve the performance, CF became a must have in this Industry also

How has the automotive industry in India responded to the introduction of RLZ Carbon products? Have you encountered any unique customer demands or requirements?

Initial days the products were all made to order where our customers ended up spending for the mould cost and the engineering efforts.

Over the course of time we scaled up in such a way that we introduced most of the items which people purchases to add up to the aesthetic or to reduce weight came into our catalogue.

Innovation is crucial for staying competitive in the market. How does RLZ Motorsports foster a culture of innovation within the company?

We are already 7 to 10 years ahead in the industry because of the domain we came from. We have innovated material compatible for Fuel tanks and even the rigid materials which are load bearing ones.

Our journey doesn’t ends there, each and every staff members within the organisation are given opportunity to report the observations and they work in improvising the process everytime

Sustainability and environmental impact are becoming increasingly important in the automotive sector. How does RLZ Motorsports approach sustainability in its manufacturing processes and materials sourcing?

We have a 100% VOC facility, 99.9% of the materials don’t get rejected. Incase if that happen also we reuse the same to build some different variation of the same.

In most cases our parts are considered as plastic replacements, this way also we are contributing to the environment.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to venture into the automotive manufacturing industry or start their own composite parts manufacturing company?

We recommend such enthusiasts to join us rather getting into reinventing the wheel. As we have seen quite a lot of people trying to do their bit and failing. Jointly we can make some huge impact.

RLZ Motorsports has likely encountered international competition. How do you maintain a competitive edge in the global market, and do you have plans for international expansion?

Currently we are having the world best quality CF parts, our are recognised even by the brands working with AMA and ARRC.

Usually Japan and US are considered tough market to enter as we hear a lot about the quality requirements, we penetrated those markets first as a strategy. Now we are known to most international brands.

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