Tim Noakes: Did you enter Ketogenic and gain weight? Did he stop losing? Did he miss anything? Professor Tim Noakes gives you some tips

Guidelines for weight loss problems on low carb diets

Hello friends! I just received an email from the Noakes Foundation advising students in addressing the weight issue on Shark tank Drink. These are the general lines taught in the course and that I apply to those who seek my help. Tim Noakes’ text is very important for two reasons:

1 – It has just been published by Noakes himself, who brings the lessons of these decades of practice on the subject.

2 – You’ll see that he debunks the Low Carb miracle myth by being honest about the potential problems that can arise.

This second part, honesty, is key. The number of people terrified because they are not experiencing the “Low Carb miracle” is large. My job has basically been to reassure those who are not blessed by the “promises of social media” and bring them back to reality, adjusting issues in food and life.

I want you to be very careful when reading Noakes’ text. Not because I don’t trust him, on the contrary, but because ALL texts and videos on the internet are aimed at an infinite audience (mine too) – that is, they go beyond the specifics of each one.

If there is one lesson of all lessons, it is that what helps one person lose weight may be what destroys another’s path. In other words, the only lesson is to respect your own time, to experiment with your life in a state of clarity (ie, of no rush)… Because only you will be able to understand what works for you.

The only expert on you is yourself in a state of clarity.

This is the great lesson of my individual journey, which includes an absurd number of specialists, therapists, exams in the most diverse areas.

If I had trusted myself and silenced the noises around me, I would have found the ideal treatment a long time ago. So always remember that your quest is for clarity and tranquility. The rest will come along.

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We still don’t fully understand the issues of weight loss, but some principles seem to be involved. To lose weight on a Low Carb plan – or any diet – a person needs to eat fewer calories.

The basic advice is to just eat less and less and work out more. This is usually a big failure, because this method requires people to starve themselves.

Over time, life becomes dominated by thoughts about food, an issue called “starvation psychosis.” Eventually, when the person can’t take the deprivation any longer, he starts eating more calories and putting on weight again.

This is because the hormone responsible for the accumulation of fat, insulin, is secreted in excess in response to the return to standard eating in those who have been deliberately sacrificing themselves on a low-fat diet. Insulin stimulates hunger and stores excess calories as fat.

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Interestingly, starvation psychosis was first described by Ancel Keys (the scientist who hypothesized linking fat consumption to heart disease). In the case of psychosis, he was quite correct. Unfortunately, this part of Keys’ work is completely ignored.

On the other hand, the reason Ketogenic or Low Carb works so well is that severe carb cutting, coupled with adequate fat and protein consumption, produces satiety and significantly lower calorie consumption. As a result, the patient loses weight and, most importantly, never feels hungry.

Bottom line is that Ketogenic and Low Carb produce weight loss from hunger loss.

Guidelines for weight loss problems on low carb diets

From the feedback I get from my patients who have difficulty losing weight on the Ketogenic and Low Carb Diet, I write down some ideas you can try to apply to improve your weight loss:

Dairy consumption seems to be the main factor preventing weight loss in some people. Milk contains a lot of carbohydrates, for example.

Still, it may be that there are components in milk that lead to exaggerated consumption of calories in some individuals. Some people find that cutting out dairy from their diet solves the problem. Think about it.

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 See if you function best on a high-fat or high-protein diet. Some do better with reduced fat and others do better with reduced protein.

Eat less often. The idea that humans should eat three meals a day is a recent invention. Reduce the amount of times you sit down to eat large meals.

Start with two a day and move up to a big meal and a half. Between meals, you can snack on something with higher levels of fat or protein, like macadamia nuts, jerky, etc.

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Consult your doctor to verify that you do not have health conditions that prevent your weight loss. The thyroid could be involved in this.