11 Clever Tips And Tricks to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

KITCHEN– A place, when designed right, can create memorable cooking sagas filled with fun, laughter, and happiness.

Though you may have your dream home, sometimes the kitchen may pose an issue of being smaller compared to your usage. Is that the case with you?

If so, let us walk you through some smart yet easy tips and hacks that would make your kitchen space look bigger, better, and brighter!

Here are our 11 tips for making the most out of your limited kitchen space-balancing storage, style, and practicality to get that spacious feel!

1.  Go for light colours

Though dark shades may make your kitchen look attractive, opting for the lighter shades offer more than just aesthetic vibes. As light colours are more reflective than dark colours, they can create a beautiful illusion of a bigger and open space.

A brighter room will feel larger and more spacious.


  • If you are looking for a classy look, go with the white kitchen.
  • You could also have a trendy and lovely vibe with yellow or pale green colours.
  • Try adding light grey or cream shade for a vintage element.

2. Create patterns for a spacious vibe

Depending on the pattern in your mind, stretch out vertical or horizontal lines for your cabinets and flooring to create an impression of a big-sized kitchen.

Geometric patterns are trending currently, and it won’t be hard for you to find suitable patterns through social media. Use the right patterns to make your kitchen look straight out of a magazine.


  • Avoid overdoing the geometric or any other pattern; it may ruin the look.
  • Too much pattern can make the place feel small and overcrowded.

3. Choose the right flooring tiles

Getting the right floor tiles will elongate your kitchen.  Whether you go for the glazed or wooden finish, porcelain or vitrified tiles, installing big tiles in a single colour indeed attracts attention, lending your kitchen the perfect ‘large-space’ vibe.


  • Large format tiles- fewer grout lines- make the kitchen look more extensive.
  • Ideal tile sizes- 900*600 mm, 900*900 mm, and 900*1200 mm.

4. It’s all about minimalism

You might be aware that clutter makes the space look smaller. So, adopt the minimalistic approach, and declutter your kitchen of unnecessary stuff.

Therefore, let go of everything you don’t need- cut up your cooking utensils, and cull your dishes, pots and pans, and small appliances. Rather than keeping it, why not donate it?


  • Ensure your kitchen has storage space for every item.
  • Avoid over-decorating the kitchen; keep it classy and minimal for an aesthetic feel.

5. Single or double bowl sink?

It’s necessary to choose the right kitchen sink when you design your kitchen space. While a double-bowl sink offers more space for cleaning, a single-bowl sink is a more compact option and doesn’t eat up much space in the kitchen.


  • Undermount kitchen sink goes really well for high-traffic kitchens.
  • Your worktop will look cleaner and more organized with a single bowl sink.

6. Let the sunlight beam in!

Natural light illuminates any space, making it feel spacious and brighter. Take advantage of this beautiful sunlight by installing windows. Adding plants and greenery to the windowsill will further enhance its decor.


  • Avoid using the drapes as they may block the light.
  • However, if you need some type of covering, you can always go for sheer blinds or maybe cafe-style shutters. This way, you get your privacy while allowing plenty of sunlight too!

7. Plan the layout carefully

Pour your heart into thoughtful planning before you move to the fun part of kitchen designing: aesthetics.

A perfectly designed kitchen is the result of detailed planning. Take out your pen and book(any device works too!), and get down to what works for you and what doesn’t. You could also ask a professional to help you plan the layout.


  •  Make sure the plan has enough worktop space.
  • No bumping into things as there is ample space to move around.
  • Find out how you can keep your kitchen organized with some clever storage tricks.

8. Open shelves for bigger space illusion

Replace those big solid blocks of kitchen cabinets with open storage. Unless your cupboards are overflowing, open cabinets can give your kitchen an airy vibe.

The only downside to open storage is that you get less storage. That said, it can help keep your kitchen decluttered(you know how the storage can get behind those cupboard doors!).


  • Remove those cupboard doors and lend some fake square footage to your kitchen.
  • Use kitchen space wisely. Do not let any space unused.

9. Be smart with kitchen appliances

Free up the extra space your appliances are consuming- go for compact and slimline dishwashers and fridges. You can also choose multifunctional appliances, like a combination washer.

Additionally, integrated appliances can also make your kitchen space look larger.  Rather than tons of appliances spread across the kitchen, hide them away behind the cabinet doors. This will give your kitchen a seamless, elegant, and spacious feel.


  • Avoid impulse buying! Instead, Invest some time in choosing the right appliances for your kitchen.
  • Know what you need in your appliances to avoid the buyer’s regret later.

10. Pick the smaller furniture

Although the size of your kitchen cannot be changed, you can change what is in your kitchen.

Make the most of the space by getting rid of those large chunks of tables and furniture. Instead, go for smaller pieces of furniture- tables, chairs, and tabletops. This will make your kitchen look more prominent and leave you ample open space to move around easily.


  • A foldable furniture is a convenient option for a smaller kitchen.
  • Serve up the meals comfortably with compact furniture perfect for use in a small kitchen.

11. Light up the kitchen

Lighting can create a larger kitchen illusion. The brighter the space, the larger it will feel. So, install more lights in the kitchen.

Natural lights can help your kitchen feel bigger than it is. Also, you can add lights underneath the cupboards and cabinets to highlight your countertop and work area while lending it a big space illusion.


  • Put in skylights to give the right spotlight to your kitchen space.
  • In addition, you can add lights inside the glass cabinet to illuminate the contents.

Final thoughts:  Now you know there are numerous tips and hacks to make your kitchen look spacious and comfortable.

From choosing the right tiles to planning the proper layout, implementing these tips for your kitchen will speak volumes of elegance, beauty, and practicality.

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