Tips For Renting Your Vacation Home on Airbnb

Vacation Home

As the holidays approach, why not rent your accommodation on the Airbnb platform? You earn extra income and your hosts get an entire apartment for a reasonable price. These few tips should help you organize their stay in the best possible conditions.

Take care of your ad

This is where it all starts. It is the announcement, in fact, that will encourage customers to rent your accommodation. You must therefore take care of its presentation and ensure its content.

It must include a full description of the apartment or house . The customer will find there in particular the number of beds available and the list of all the equipment.

Do not forget to mention the presence of a washing machine, a dishwasher, a barbecue or even a television.

The photographs must accompany the announcement. Choose pictures that highlight your property and present all the pieces.

The more the client can get a precise idea of ​​the accommodation, the more he is tempted to rent it.

Finally, do not forget to indicate the shops, bus or metro stops and all the other amenities that it can find near you.

Display a reasonable price

What determines your future host, in addition to the characteristics of the accommodation, is of course the rental price.

If you charge prices that are too high, you are unlikely to rent the accommodation. Customers look at many ads before making their choice. Because of this, they are sure to notice overpriced rates.

To determine the right price, the best is to examine, on the site, the prices offered by the owners of properties comparable to yours.

They can also vary according to the season, especially if the accommodation is located in a busy tourist area.

You will also find, on the Airbnb site, a tool allowing you to calculate the appropriate price for the rental.

Indicate what is possible and what is not

You must, at Airbnb’s request, establish precise house rules before renting your accommodation. It is good that future tenants know what to expect before coming to occupy it for a time.

This regulation specifies in particular whether all the rooms of the accommodation are accessible.

It also indicates whether or not it is possible to smoke or whether the apartment is suitable for young children.

Likewise, your future hosts should know if they can organize receptions at your place or if they can bring their pets.

Impeccable communication and welcome

If you want your tenants to come back to you and post glowing reviews , be a caring host.

Be sure to respond to all messages sent to you as quickly as possible . Don’t give them stereotypical or overly dry answers, and don’t hesitate to ask them if they have any special needs .

Also be very specific about the conditions under which you will receive them. They indeed need to be reassured in this regard. When they arrive, be friendly and ready to answer their questions.

If the advertisement indicates that sheets are provided and that breakfast is provided, make sure that these services will be provided.

All this care can earn you the distinction of “superhost” , which for customers is the guarantee of impeccable service.

Showcase your comments

Before you leave your apartment, it’s likely that your hosts will post a comment . It describes their stay in your accommodation, highlighting its positive aspects and, sometimes, certain inconveniences.

As soon as a client consults the description of an accommodation, the number of comments he has collected appears at the top of the page. If there are many, it may mean that many tenants wanted to express their satisfaction.

More importantly, the note that appears . Thus, the host who scores 4.9 / 5 has every chance of attracting future tenants.

To make them come to you, do not hesitate to highlight the positive comments you have received. They can only give confidence to your future hosts.

Take care of the safety of your hosts

You have every interest in ensuring that your guests’ stay goes as smoothly as possible. If so, it is very possible that they will come back to you. And, in the meantime, they’ll leave a favorable, or even glowing, review.

To prevent a problem or an accident from tarnishing this stay, the accommodation must therefore be secured . It is also the best way to be in good standing with your insurance.

So make sure that doors and windows are equipped with suitable security systems . If there are stairs, make sure that going up or down steps is not dangerous, especially for children.

Likewise, they must be prevented from falling into the swimming pool, which must be protected by an appropriate device. And don’t forget to put the dangerous objects in a closed place.

Create a space that the customer can make their own

Your host should feel good in the accommodation they have just rented. For this, he must find his feet quickly, especially if the stay is short.

He must therefore not have too much of the impression of being at someone else’s house. Indeed, if the accommodation is furnished with personal items, if family photos are displayed on all the walls, the tenant may feel uncomfortable.

To avoid this feeling of embarrassment, remove all these memories, so as to create a fairly neutral space.

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This will allow your host to take more ownership of it. This does not prevent you from taking care of the decoration.