Tips On Making More Space in Your Small Bedroom


The tips on making more space in your small bedroom in this article will give you some idea of how you can utilize the space effectively.

We strongly believe in doing more with less. Decluttering your space, whether it is your dresser or closet, is essential for creating a stress-free environment.

However, if you have a small affordable bedroom sets and have done everything you can to save space, it is probably time to reconsider your space-saving storage solutions.

When it comes to decluttering your sleeping space, it is also essential to make sure your belongings fit comfortably and manage bedroom furniture sets properly.

Here are some clever ideas for adding more storage to your bedroom without making it feel too crowded.

Take advantage of floating shelves

Floating shelves are your new best friend if you are a bookworm or have a lot of sentimental trinkets to display.

Using up wall space instead of purchasing a bulky, free-standing bookshelf helps save space for valuable storage furniture such as dressers and nightstands.

Use an end-of-bed trunk

Pushing one of these at the foot of your bed, whether it is a storage bench or a good old-fashioned trunk, is a classic way to maximize storage in your sleeping space.

By also serving as an end-seat, this hack prioritizes comfort. Whether you are folding your linens in the trunk or storing multiple records, the space-saving possibilities are endless.

Organize your dresser like a pro

We cannot emphasize the importance of good folding and drawer dividers enough. Taking the time to store the clothing properly you currently have in your dresser could result in more storage space today. Consider other, more extreme storage methods, such as vacuum packing out-of-season clothing.

Downsize Your Furniture

To reduce visual clutter in smaller bedrooms, all furniture pieces other than the bed should be scaled down.

Small-space organization necessitates smarter, rather than larger, furniture pieces, such as bedside tables and nightstands. In addition, look for pieces with multiple storage possibilities, such as a drawer and an open shelf.

Pay Attention to Surfaces

Many small bedrooms, particularly those for children, also serve as work or homework areas. That means they can quickly accumulate extra supplies and knickknacks that can crowd out surface spaces, but simple solutions can help keep this clutter at bay.

For example, divide different types of items, such as erasers and paper clips, into separate smaller dishes, and keep them all together in one larger tray with sides. This small bedroom idea also works well for jewelry, makeup, or other grooming supplies.

Under-Bed Storage

Trundle beds are not just for kids’ bedrooms. Instead of a second pullout mattress, some options include drawers that provide extra storage in an otherwise unused under-bed space.

For example, store folded clothing in these drawers instead of a traditional dresser or store out-of-season shoes and jackets here to free up closet space.

Use Those Wasted Space

Even awkward in-between spaces and narrow spots can be helpful for storage. Instead of wasting that space, look for slim storage solutions that will fit neatly inside your limited square feet. Consider mounting a swing arm lamp to keep the bedside surface clear.

Make Use of Every Nook

Make the most of every square inch of space in your small bedroom. A bench piled with pillows and a small side table transformed an otherwise unused niche into a cozy reading nook. The built-in bench can be flipped up to reveal storage for extra blankets or linens.

Headboard Storage

Make use of the space behind your bed by incorporating a storage headboard into your small bedroom design.

Use bins or baskets to organize bedside essentials, and replace table lamps with wall-mounted lights. This bedroom’s layout eliminates the need for nightstands, which is another advantage of small bedroom organization.

Find a Bed Frame with Proper Under Bed Storage

If you do not have enough closet space and do not want to clutter up your small bedroom with bulky dressers, there are several options for beds with built-in storage!

Consider a bed frame with built-in storage drawers or a bed frame that lifts up to reveal hidden bedroom storage.

Another less expensive option is to use furniture risers to raise your bed higher off the ground, allowing you to place storage containers underneath.

Final Words: Even awkward in-between spaces and narrow spots can be helpful for storage. Instead of wasting that space, look for slim storage solutions that will fit neatly inside your limited square feet. Understand the requirements of your room and select the furniture carefully.

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