Tips to assess a writer for your book

Book writer

Someone would always want to write a book and always dreamt of getting this thing done but never gets a chance to fulfill this dream.

Due to whatever reason, some don’t have skills to write, some don’t know the procedure to put an end to their writing, some don’t get the motivation to write, some never gets to the scribe book publishing step, there could be a lot of reasons but you can always fulfill your dreams if you are serious about them.

The dream of writing a book of your own can get fulfilled by hiring a professional writer. They would start from your manuscript and scribe book writing, work on your story till the end or they will start listening to your story and keep penning it down and then turn it in the form of a professional book.

They know their work so you don’t have to be bother at all from the final look of your book to the book editing and formatting services matters and it will all get done just the way you want.

Keeping a dream for so long and then handing it to someone that you can trust can help you fulfill your dream into a reality but if the person you are having on board for doing your work is not worthy of your trust, then there is no point in wasting your time, emotions and money.

Hiring a writer could be a difficult task but not an impossible one. There are some online companies that offer amazing writers who do scribe book writing.

You can avail of their services by checking their reviews on other online platforms too just for authenticity assurance purposes.

There is a company which is Scribe Room, they are exactly offering services that you are looking for. Their scribers are highly professional and won’t let you down for handing your dream to them but what is important is that even before trusting someone you should have skills to judge them based on your personal intellect level whether they are capable of doing your work or just grasping the opportunity to have work but not capable to handle that.

As you have already gone through the searching phase of writers and you must be thinking about how to believe them as a good writer. Here are some basics that could help you to evaluate them and setting criteria for the recruitment of writers:

Setting a price

Value for money is such an important factor that you have to keep in mind for this process. $20 is the minimum price range in which you can get someone who could do basic scribe book writing while 40$ to 50$ is the price range that has been set by exceptional writers.

It’s not necessary that the one who is charging more would definitely be the one who will be doing the quality work.

Sometimes, those writers whose charges are between 20$ to 30$ produces work better than the costly ones.

But the writers who do scribe book writing professionally charge very high to offer their services but their services are worth the price. Remember, the more you will spend the more quality work you will get.

Sometimes writers who do scribe book writing offer you very little cost for writing, just keep in mind that if someone is offering you an amount that is even lower than the standard market rates then there must be something that is not right.

Maybe the person is not skilled enough or there might be some other reason. You have to judge it by yourself in such a situation.

Ask for the samples

When you are hiring someone or about to hire someone, you have a right to see their past work. You can ask them for the samples to see.

Many of the fake writers will be recruited right at this stage because if they are doing scribe book writing they must be having a list and would be happy for showing it but if they haven’t done any they will avoid and would not have any sample to show.

For knowing about the work your writer is offering, you have to read at least one or two books of the writer.

By that, you would know what the scribe book writing method of that writer is, how structured and articulate is the writing, how their scribe book writing style is.

The topic might be the boring one, but that could also be a benefit for you. Everyone would like to read an interesting topic but not everyone can stay hooked to a dry topic till the end.

You can judge from that boring book how much the writer is capable of turning even boring content into an engaging one. Does he have that ability to put the content into a readable tone?

Ask the writer if scribe book writing is his passion or he’s just doing it for earning money. Also, try to know about the books they have written under their names.

If they don’t have any it means they are doing it for the sake of earning money from it. They don’t exactly like to write; they just do it to earn their bread.

Those who are passionate about writing and love to write and the ones who are just writing to earn money make a lot of difference to their writing.

The one who is passionate about scribe book writing possesses a style that is totally different from others. But the one who is doing it to earn money does it for just the completion of the task. 

Ask the experience of their previous client’s

When they tell you about the experience of their overall writing career they will also mention the companies or the people they have done writing for.

You can use those references by contacting them and asking about their experiences with that writer. You never know, maybe not everyone has to say good things about the writer.

Have a meeting with them

A good writer knows his job and knows how to present ideas in an amazingly attractive way. You just have to set a meeting with them, discuss your ideas with them in that meeting and see how much they are capable of putting your ideas more interestingly and understandably than you.

How much tendency they have to present your ideas with adding new values to it and how much they are competent in not just noting down your ideas but adding details to that Idea and presenting it in an engaging manner. This is what you have to analyze in that interview or meeting.

The factors that you will be known during the interview is that are they, good listeners? Are they contributing to your ideas?

Are you enjoying having conversations with them? Are they easygoing? Are they willing to take your book to the  book publishing service stage? Or they are taking so much time to understand your perspective. Are you both on the same page?

You will get to know a lot about your writer in that meeting if he had an active ear listening to you or just saying yes to everything you say and more interested in winding up the meeting.

Do they look really interested in your topic and willing to do work with you under your terms? Or they just wanted to leave as soon as possible and don’t seem much interested in your topic.

If you want your book to be written on some different topic like fitness, gyming, e-commerce, setting a business of your own, or gaming and the writer is claiming to have experience in writing for the same genre or having all the knowledge about the topics, you could verify the claims he is making by asking some tricky questions related to the genre.

If he answers fluently that means he’s not lying or if it seems that he doesn’t have sufficient knowledge but only the basics and is willing to gather facts and figures you can grant him the time for research too.

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This guide covers most of the important basics that could help you recruit the best scribe writer for your book but still if you need a detailed help guide for interviewing the writer of your book you can have more on the internet.