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In the digital era, digital marketing holds the topmost position; that’s why websites are the foremost marketing assets for each business.

These websites act as a billboard, TV commercials, etc. for the user, so interactive websites are the need of today’s time.

When the visitors land on your website’s page, they try to find all the important information; that’s why the website should be interactive.

These websites will lessen the possibility of skimming the website’s content which leads to sticking around it for a longer duration. So, you can develop interactive websites by hiring the best Web Design and Development Company India.

As a business owner, you cannot risk losing the chance of positive interaction with the customers. Having a positive interaction is the key to increasing your audience base. 

You must be wondering about interactive design that’s very important for the website? The answer is yes; over 70% of people try to find the services online, and if they find the website engaging, they will turn into your customers. Source: Lyfe marketing

In this article, we will explore the various methods to make your website more interactive and engaging. Let’s start:

What is Interactive Website Design? 

The website uses the other inbuilt software, modules and features to give a positive user experience when they arrive.

In simple words, the website which allows communication and interaction with the users is called interactive website design. But, it doesn’t mean if the user can scroll and click on the website, then your website is interactive.

The interactive design involves the following elements, which give the freedom to the user to perform certain actions.

These actions like:

  • Pressing play
  • Click
  • Skip ad
  • Playing a game
  • Commenting
  • Answering a question etc

With these features, customers have the privilege to interact with the website so that they know about your company’s services and products. Moreover, you can collect user information to use later on to increase your customer base.

How to Make a Website Interactive?

If you want to take your business to the next level, your first step should be an interactive website.

Of course, creating a website from scratch is much easier because you envision and plan the journey from the customer’s perspective.

But, if you already have the website and you think that it’s not so engaging and eye-catcher for the customers, then you can think about the website redesign. It’s never too late to start working on the idea while keeping the minor things in mind. 

Budget Constraints:

The best Option for developing the interactive website is to pick the one from the interactive website builder.

Other than this, if you are currently facing the issues of a budget crunch, then you can go with the HTML5 Interactive website templates, but you must understand that this Option is not valid for those who are looking for customized website development. Or, if in case you want the custom CMS, you can hire the Custom CMS Development Services.

Features for Interactive and Engaging Business Website:

It’s always better to understand the user’s interests and demands. Only then will you be able to develop an interactive and engaging business.

So, are you searching for elements to incorporate into the website to make it more interactive and engaging? Here is some information about it. 

  1. Incorporate Interactive Tools: Actually, increasing user engagement on the website is not as complicated as it seems to be. You must be wondering what the best thing is?

    The answer is to incorporate some engaging things into the websites like Quizzes, Math stool, tax calculators, or even add the short games, Polls, and surveys. These tools seem interesting to the users, and they remain on your website for a longer duration.
    1. Bookmark 1: The power of an interactive visual quiz is a great way to boost user engagement. That’s why Buzzfeed is raging in the market.
  2.  Focus on Interactive Page Elements: Give a more interesting tweak to your website’s boring page design by implementing the interactive page elements such as go with the colorful and dynamic hover-stats on links and images, navigation with clicks on images and so on. 45% of B2B buyers say interactive content is one of their top three preferred content types. Source: hubspot
  • Bookmark 2: Due to a fast-moving life, people are always on the go, so they prefer to watch videos according to their needs and demands. That’s why you should use animated videos or videos that briefly describe your company’s profile.
  • Prominent Search Box: Make your search box simple but prominent. Sometimes the user has to search for a search box on the website, which is too ironic. That’s why they leave the website in just a few minutes.

    Other than this, your website design should be simple to easily locate what he wants to search. That’s why to include the prominent search box so that the user can easily locate it for his next step.

    Most websites place it on the top left; that’s why the visitor’s attention will go on to that place.
    1. Bookmark 3: You can use the magnifying glass icon with some bold color so that the user can locate it; besides this, you can make it more user-friendly by adding the drop-down or auto-suggest features to it.
  • Interactive Data Visualization and Maps: Interactive charts, graphs and maps surely act as a cherry on the cake.

    These types of interactive features will instantly give a boost to your user engagement. Besides this, it can be easily placed on the website. For website development, you can take the Full Stack Development Services.
    1. Let’s Understand it More with an Example: Suppose we have a business of gems all over the world. And customers from different countries are interested in it. So the first way is to present the data on the usual website page or the second way through the infographic, but everybody likes to spend less time collecting the information.

      So interactive maps come into the picture. A clickable map allows the users to immediately find the information according to their needs. Here , you represent the information in two ways:
      1. First Option: Users can hover over the different states for reading about some basic data. So, little information is needed.
      1. Second Option: When the user clicks on the state as per his requirement, then he can dive into the pool of information in the form of a website’s page or infographic.
    1. Bookmark 4: The same thing can be done with interactive charts and graphs. Do give a try to these elements you will encounter the enhancements in the user’s engagements.
  • Gamification is On Fire: One study shows that the engaged user represents a 23% higher share in profitability, revenue and relationship growth. The website owner mostly uses this trick to escalate the user’s interactiveness. Source: gamify

    With gamification, you give a reason to the user to linger on the website. Besides this, you can focus on creating a strong game design that encourages the user to explore more, and if they choose the play option, it means they are enjoying spending their precious time on the website.
    • Bookmark 5: You can design the game like a discount spin wheel. But, before that, you should take the contact information of the user. Then, when the user encounters the discount wheel game to make a purchase, they want to try their luck.
  • Hold Contest & Giveaway: The next big thing in the digital era to help you surge your user engagement is running the contest and giveaway on the website. 

The best way to lure the visitor is to give awards for performing certain actions. For example, if they share your content or give a like on social media, you can give rewards to them.

Other than this, you can also give awards to those users who refer it to others. These types of contests are beneficial for subscription, page visits, conversion and website user engagement.

One of the studies shows that over 34% of new customers are acquired through contests on average. Source: Outgrow

  1. Bookmark 6: When you run the offers on your website, there are always huge chances of getting more user engagement. If they refer your product to their family or friends, you are eligible to create a huge customer base by giving some rewards.
  2. Home Page Videos and Motion Graphics can do Wonders: Another way to make your website more interactive is to incorporate the videos on your home page, interactively describing your business.

    43% of consumers prefer interactive video content over ordinary video because it will give the freedom to the user what information they want to view and which is not.

    It will ultimately help to derive more organic traffic and user engagement on the website incorporating videos on the home page is likely to get more user engagement more clicks & even users will stay for a longer duration.
    1. Bookmark 7: You can create interactive videos for users by incorporating clickable elements into them. Like you can make a quiz video, or at the end of the video, you can ask some questions from them, which will help in boosting the user engagement.

The Final Verdict: There are too many available options that will help you make your website more interactive and engaging.

If you successfully implemented the above-mentioned elements into the website, it will bring life to the website.

You have to run a test to figure out which fits best as per your business requirements. Please make sure that there is no need to stay intact on one thing. Always keeps on experimenting with different ideas to amplify the user engagement.

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