Tips To Protect Your Leather Lounge From Fading

Leather Lounge

Your leather couch set risks drying out, yellowing, or both if it is regularly exposed to direct sunlight. While aniline and semi-aniline leather are more likely to fade over time, high-quality leather finishes with a semi-protective coating are much less likely to show wear and tear.

However, whether or not the leather has a protective coating, exposure to sunlight will dry it. It dries and cracks because of the natural oils contained inside it, but you can protect your leather furniture from the sun in several ways. Read on to learn more about the tips to protect your leather lounge from fading.

Try Different Configurations Of Your Furnishings

When arranging your space for a new leather chair or sofa, avoid having it face any windows or skylights that let in too much light.

You should avoid putting your new furniture in a sunroom or four-season porch. Choose a spot without windows and preferably one that is dark. (If it must be placed near a window, consider it an excuse to upgrade your window coverings.)

Maintain A Sanitary Environment

Pores are an inherent property of leather. That implies it readily takes in liquids. The porous nature of leather used to be easily damaged by everyday use (spills from sippy cups, muddy paws, holiday parties, etc.), but nowadays, most leather goods have a protective covering.

Maintaining a routine of cleaning the leather’s surface is essential. The leather should be cleaned three times a year with a mild leather cleaner or shine.

It Is Okay To Use Some Water

While keeping leather dry can help keep it free of stains, keeping it damp is essential to keep it from drying out and cracking.

Leather needs a regular moisture supply to keep its protective coating in good shape. Just be sure to let it air dry completely after conditioning.

The first time you condition your leather furniture should be around a year after you buy it. Leather needs moisture, much like your skin or hair; therefore, after cleaning thoroughly with a mild leather cleanser, apply a leather conditioner formulated for the type of leather used in your furniture piece.

Want To Make A Basic Leather Conditioner At Home?

Apply some lemon essential oil on a clean cloth and rub it all over the leather. It is a quick fix; the natural ingredients make your item smell like a flowery meadow. You can easily maintain the piece’s beauty and help it age naturally with just a few easy steps.

What Causes Leather To Fade And Crack?

Leather’s natural ability to crease and soften with age is a significant selling point. Changes in pH across leather’s surface contribute to its aging and wear as much as the friction and pressure of regular use.

Your leather item’s dyes are far more pH-sensitive than those utilised to create other fabrics. Leather’s pH can change due to environmental stimuli such as sunshine, artificial light, body oils, and temperature changes.

It causes the “faded” look and gradual loss of colour that you observe in your leather furniture. This is often most noticeable in highly visible, frequently touched, or highly illuminated regions. Fading and cracking from overexposure to friction, sunshine, or other stresses can make your work look damaged or old.


Protecting your leather lounge from fading is essential to maintaining its appearance and longevity. Following the tips outlined above, such as avoiding direct sunlight, using leather protectants, and cleaning regularly, ensure your leather lounge looks great for years.

Remember, prevention is critical, so take the necessary precautions to protect your investment and enjoy the comfort and style of your leather lounge for many years.

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