Tips to stay happy in the pandemic times

Happy Life

While we all thought the epidemic would be over soon, with new COVID-19 varieties on the increase, it’s time to recognise that the “new normal” is here to stay for the time being.

The pandemic has produced chaos and uncertainty for many people, and it’s easy to feel worried and distrustful.

However, there are a number of things over which we still have influence, one of which is our attitude. In times of stress, having a good attitude can go a long way.

Ways To Change and Uplift Your Attitude During These Hard Times

Make sure you look after yourself

It’s critical to look after oneself at all times, but especially during difficult situations. When you have a “full cup,” you may pour yourself into activities like assisting and caring for others, working, stress management, and dealing with life’s daily happenings.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup,” as the phrase goes, because you can’t give something you don’t have. Find things that are calming, relaxing, and significant to you to fill your cup.

Maintain a digital connection with friends and family

 We can’t stay in touch with our family and friends just because we’re all practising social distancing.

You can hold virtual parties and concerts, make video calls, and talk online thanks to all of the communication technology that most of us in the industrialised world have access to. Surround yourself with positive people and thoughts.

Revisit old hobbies or find new ones

Most of us have had to give up our hobbies due to our fast-paced existence. However, since we spend the majority of our time at home throughout the day, it is only natural to devote some of that time to activities that we like. Taking up a new hobby or acquiring a new skill is also a great way to stay busy. 

Do something physical

Anxiety has an impact on your physical body, and many of us are walking around in a chronic stress reaction. Find a fun pastime that helps you reconnect with your physical body.

Pay attention to how your body feels regularly, whether it’s taking a break to do a few yoga postures beside your desk, listening to music while taking deep breaths, or going for a stroll at the end of the day to a nearby park or the beautiful mountains of Wayanad.


Travelling, according to scientists, is the key to happiness. Spending money on experiences rather than actual stuff, according to a study, makes us happier.

What is the explanation for this? We “adapt” to objects, which means that the joy we have after making a purchase lessens with time as we become accustomed to it.

Experiences, on the other hand, bring us joy every time we reflect on them. Getting away might sometimes provide the necessary space to see a situation from a new perspective.

When we are presented with new realities, we can re-evaluate our priorities and learn to put things into perspective. 

You can simply rest in your hotel room, treehouse, or nature resort in Wayanad on free days! The natives in the area can also provide you with fantastic massages. Catch up on your beauty sleep. Take naps in the calm, quiet and beauty of Wayanad.

Grow your green thumb

Did you know that indoor plant’s aid in the removal of allergens as well as the production of oxygen?

Not only are they domestic helpers, but caring for them is also a terrific stress reliever, something most of us can need now more than ever, according to the Journal of Health Psychology.

Whether you have outdoor or indoor plants, now is an excellent time to concentrate on their development.

There aren’t any plants to grow? Consider starting from scratch with an indoor herb garden starter kit.

Practice gratefulness

It’s a terrific method to increase your happiness by feeling and thinking about the things you’re grateful for as soon as you wake up.

According to brain research, humans have a proclivity to focus on the negative aspects of life, such as anxieties, tragedies, failures, and dissatisfaction.

The default setting is negativity. This is why we must concentrate on the positive and, above all, be grateful for what we have.

Learn to meditate

Scientific studies have shown that meditation can help us live longer, more peaceful, and healthier lives.

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