Titus Bhatti, Song-writer, Composer, Musician, Sufi Singer, & Music Teacher

Titus Bhatti

Interview: Titus Bhatti, Song-writer, Composer, Musician, Sufi -Singer, & Music Teacher

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As part of this endeavour, we invited yet another passionate entrepreneur Titus Bhatti for an exclusive interview with us.

Titus Bhatti is a Song-writer, Composer, Musician, Sufi-Singer, & Music Teacher. Let’s learn more about his inspirational journey and his advice for our growing community!

This is the interview of Titus Bhatti, Successful entrepreneur and Musician, Song-writer, Composer, Music Teacher, and Sufi-Singer. In an exclusive interview with Titus Bhatti explains How he start his music and singing journey.

Tell us a little about yourself

Titus Bhatti: I am Titus Bhatti born and Brought up in the Land of Punjab, i have persued my Graduation from Filadilfia Bible College which is in Udaipur, and I have Joined India’s top first Gospel band The Sheldon Bangera band in 2018 and continuously working with Jaago music too.

I am Hindustani Vocal Trainer in Jaago College, and also guest faculty in some other musical institutions.

I have two siblings, elder brother (Peter Bhatti), younger sister (Madhu Bhatti), mom (Paramjit) and dad (Yuhana Bhatti)

Please tell us a little about your singing & music journey

Titus Bhatti: l have only one hobby or what i am passionate for from my childhood, it is singing or classical music.

I had been singing as Punjabi Artist from 2009 to 2017 after 2017 I thought I should do something different (something out of the box), I came out from Punjab for higher studies to Udaipur, there I met Emmanuel Joseph who had been working with the Sheldon Bangera band.

I was doing my regular practice and as I sing Sufi type of Music so i was singing in Higher octaves he heard my voice and called me.

He said brother sing something again i sang some songs and he made my video clip and sent to Sheldon Bangera who is the Founder of Jaago Music and Sheldon Bangera band.

Then after sometime I got offer letter from Sheldon Bangera band to join their band, then i started working with them at International level.

Then i have done some projects with them and most Loved songs are “Magan”, “kaun hai” and “Yeshu Mil Gaya”

What is unique about your Music?

Titus Bhatti: We work in Indo-Western Musical stream, we balance both the Musical streams like Indian Classical Music and western music in our projects!

What made you choose this type of profession?

Titus Bhatti: Actually I am passionate about my Music from my childhood onwards, I am influenced from My Father as he is a good singer, so I started seeing dreams about my musical skills.

What was your mission and vision at the outset?

Titus Bhatti: My mission and vision was to Influence the Punjabi Music because in Modern era everybody is moving to western culture and Music, so at some point we are losing our root culture Music, so I am working Indian Classical music and western music both so that I can bring some collaborations and make people to love their root Music too.

How many team members in your band?

Titus Bhatti: I have a band and we have 8 people in our band

What’s your band’s goals?

Titus Bhatti: Our goal is to bring new revolution in Punjabi Music even Indian Music

What was the inspiration behind turning an entrepreneur

Titus Bhatti: I am Inspired from My Father as he use to train me and giving me opportunities to enhance my talent! Even Indian-pakistani Musical Artists are big Inspiration for me like Ernest Mall ji, Sheldon Bangera, Amit Kamble, Subhash Gill ji

What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

Titus Bhatti: I have faced some of Failures in my life like i gave my best in some projects but still got rejected, being rejected if you can Grow then you are stronger so I have learnt if somebody rejects you it doesn’t mean it’s over, try to Be your Best Version so that you can proud on yourself at the end.

Key things to consider before starting a startup

Titus Bhatti: Train yourself under someone Experienced, and you should have good mentors those who can guide you time to time. Be disciplined as person and keep learning from your mistakes.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made?

Titus Bhatti: As I was growing in my skills and level, and I stop my Vocal warm up (Riyaz) and gradually my singing graph went down, and also faced relationship failure during those days so, these were my big mistakes then I worked hard on my mistakes and now God’s Grace i am going well.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Titus Bhatti: “Manjil Mill hi jaati hai Bhatak ke hi Shi, Gumnaam to wo hai jo ghar se nikle hi nhi”.

Your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs

Titus Bhatti: Don’t forget your root when you are success in life, and as you are growing up in your stream or going higher in level also you have to increase the level of your humbleness and Thankful to your Teachers, Mentors and God.

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