Tools for Quickly Cleaning Your Office Floors

Tools for Quickly Cleaning Your Office Floors

Keeping your office clean is one of the easiest and more essential methods to creating a professional environment, both for your clients and for your employees.

A certain degree of cleanliness can promote productivity; in fact, it’s been shown that a more disorganized and cluttered workspace can create anxiety in workers, as well as reducing their ability to concentrate.

There’s also the fact that regular cleaning can help reduce the amount of intensive cleaning your cleaning staff would need to take care of later on.

If you’re in the market for a quick and easy way to clean your office floors, you’ll want these six tools to help you out. These tools are sure to get the job done, and they’ll cost you a few dollars but will result in more cleanliness on your floor.


A classic, and one of the most well-known cleaners around is simple water mops. These can be used over any type of surface, including vinyl, laminate, or hardwood floors.

The best thing about this tool is that thanks to modern technology, mopping a floor only takes two minutes and a single tool to use instead of an entire bucket of cleaning solution.

Swiffer mops and their knockoffs provide a quick and easy job that traditionally could be very long and somewhat painful. Another significant aspect of any mops in general is that they are easy to use.

You grab your favorite cleaner or mop pad from beneath the sink, spray it onto the sponge or apply it to the mop and start cleaning.

This is one of the quickest ways to get some severe floor cleaning done without having to spend hours doing so, as it usually only takes minutes for the floor to dry.

Dry Vacuum

As we stated before, many different kinds of floor cleaning machines are available for you and your staff to take advantage of when it comes to clearing the dust and debris from your office.

If you don’t like the idea of filling a utility closet with several large and somewhat bulky types of supplies, consider purchasing a vacuum that also doubles as a dust mop when used on hard surfaces.

The benefit to this kind of setup is that you can easily clean your floors without spending too much money on supplies or refills.

All you have to do is flip up the brush attachment when you switch back to vacuuming mode on carpet and then sweep whatever dirt the vacuum couldn’t reach into a dustpan to throw away.

The vacuum bags are easy to replace once they get full too, easily attaching and detaching from the rest of the vacuum to allow you to either empty it or replace it (depending on the model you have).

Floor Scrubbers

Floor scrubbers are essentially a giant mop. They are especially useful for gaining stunning results for your office cleaning, especially if you have a large area that needs to be mopped.

With the right product, you can get yourself a deep shine in no time. Many of these products contain abrasive materials that allow you to quickly polish and remove stains from the dozens of people walking across the floors all day.

The larger the area you need cleaned, the larger the floor scrubber can be, ranging from simple push devices to full on riding machines that you’d drive like a lawn mower or zamboni.

Cleaning Rags and Cloths

Do you have a lot of little spills every day? Then having a rag or two meant to mop up messes might save you some headaches and several napkins.

Cleaning cloths and rags can range from simple towels one would pick up from Walmart in the kitchen section to microfiber towels that are best suited for more delicate cleaning jobs.

They can also be relied on as a catch all throughout the day should any sudden big spills occur, such as the coffee pot in the breakroom or a water spill by the cooler.

This way you don’t have to sacrifice dozens of paper towels or risk your clothes getting splashed while trying to clean up.

Not to mention, it won’t matter if they get dirty, unlike your clothes or other cloths such as tablecloths, rugs, or table runners, they’re meant to mop up all sorts of staining liquids.

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While cleaning your office floors might seem overwhelming at times, it’s not very difficult once you’ve prepared yourself by reading through our guide above. In just a few short steps, you should be able to achieve an excellent new look for your business.