Top 10 best healthy food franchises in India (2021)

best healthy food franchises

In India, franchise opportunities can start with anything:  beauty products, fast food, education, healthcare, and technology.

Profitable Franchise business models that have many brands for expansion are naturally the ones who set up their franchise in this nation.

 Who would have known that junk food and spicy cuisines and mouth-watering vegan would become world-famous one day?

South Indian snacks like Idli street, Taco Bell, Dosa Chain, and others When they first opened their business, they had only one outlet at only one place!

They were unknown to the rest of the world. but now? People simply cannot live without them!

This is the magic of franchising! Franchising the food brand is a profitable business idea in India since it has not only helped the nation to reach a height of success but also has enabled the entrepreneurs to open outlets in more than 100 countries in the world.

Some of the healthy food franchises in India 2021 are:


There is nothing bigger, larger, and tastier than Amul in the realms of dairy and ice cream.

It was established in the year 1946 and slowly it gripped the entire country under its name. 

This franchise can be afforded within a budget of five lakhs and is considered one of the most profitable businesses in India.

Samosa junction

There are a variety of Indian snacks and among them, samosa is considered to be the king in north India.

Samosa junction has managed to outgrow this love for Indian samosa worldwide providing a franchise of more than 22 types of samosa outlets of the nation.

At present, there are 500 outlets of this brand providing a healthy snack consisting of organic vegetables, and the highest quality ingredients.

This franchise can be afforded within the budget of 5 lakhs and is known to generate good profits per annum.

Mother dairy 

It is considered to be one of the best food franchising in India with more than a thousand outlets within a budget of 10 lakhs.

This brand sells high-quality milk and tasty ice creams too. established in the year 1974, it has proven its worth by its persistency in providing the best to the people all these years. Presently mother diary has more than a thousand outlets throughout the country. 


Established in the year 1958, Monginis has been consistent in delivering premium quality products to its consumers.

This company has already opened 1000 outlets throughout the country. the brand can be franchised with a monetary value of 10 lakhs.

The franchisor helps the franchisee in training programs and managing the outlets skilfully throughout the contract. 

Haldiram products

 Haldiram is the wizard providing the highest quality sweets and salty snacks from 1937. 

More than 400 products starting from ladoos to sherbets are being produced every day to satiate the hunger of the people.

Haldiram has more than 500 outlets all over India providing high profitable franchises to entrepreneurs. 

Baskin Robbins products

It is a company famous for providing tasty and yummy ice creams for 30 years. Being 100% vegetarian by nature, this company has earned the love of millions of Indians catering to their desires for unique taste and flavors.

A 5 years franchise is signed with the franchisee with a promise of high profits in return. 

Kathi junction

Who doesn’t love spicy tasty Kathi rolls and sweet sticky shawarma? Kathi junction is one of the newest company established in the year 2009 with a franchisee of nearly 5 lakhs to provide mouth-watering snacks to all. Today it sells more than 2000 shawarmas and 5000 Kathi rolls per day.

Dairy queen

They serve grilled food and drinks in about 6700 units all over the world. They lease out a franchise for 20 years and can extend to 10 years based on the number of profits that outlet can generate. They provide high module training to their franchisee and monitor them closely.


 Burgers and French fries are the present trends of food and McDonalds fulfil the desire by serving them with their best quality bread and chicken.

In India, more than a thousand outlets are already working, earning huge profits in all the big satellite cities of the nation.


Nearly everyone salivates with the thought of the chicken wings of KFC. KFC is well famous in India and they usually offer an agreement of franchise not less than 20 years and the franchisors are always known to be extremely supportive to enhance the business in the franchisee country. 

During this present scenario where a dangerous virus-like Covid19 is reigning the world killing people mercilessly, it’s very important to eat well-nourished food and keep ourselves safe and fit.

People will desire food recipes where fresh and organic products are used keeping the popular healthy food franchise trends in demand and rolling.

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