Top 10 Best Law Schools in the USA

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Top 10 Best Law Schools in the USA

In this article, we have compiled a list of T14 schools. Students who want to apply for law schools have several options.

There are 200 law schools in the U.S. However, the number of law schools exceeds every passing year. Students who graduated from the T14 law schools can acquire high positions in government institutions, work for big companies, and serve as executives in different corporations. 

What Are T14 Law Schools?

T14 schools usually include the top 14 schools listed in the U.S. News and the (USNWR) world report. So the USNWR ranking updates each year with a specific methodology that measures many criteria like LSAT scores or GRE, acceptance areas, undergraduate GPA, employment rates, and a few other things.

Usually, as the rank of the law school increases, graduates from these schools become more attractive to employers, and schools will also admit students with better GPAs and test scores.

In addition, this is why the law school rankings are more stable than the others. But each passing year is competitive, and moving up and down is considered significant. Moreover, changes in the law schools’ ranking methodology can also affect the school’s placement.

List of top 10 Best Law Schools in the USA

Here is the list of the T14 law schools. Let’s look at this.

RankingLaw SchoolsMedian GPAMedian LSAT
13Cornell University3.81168
12Northwestern University3.85169
10 (TIE)University Of Michigan3.76169
10 (TIE)Duke University3.80169
9UC Berkeley3.81168
8University Of Virginia3.90170
6 (TIE)University Of Pennsylvania3.89170
6 (TIE)New York University3.82170
4 (TIE)University Of Chicago3.89171
4 (TIE)Columbia University3.82172
3Harvard University3.88173
2Stanford University3.89171
1Yale University3.94173

How Can We Get Into T-14 Law Schools?


You have to achieve high LSAT and GPA scores. It’s no surprise that stats are an essential part of T-14 law schools applications. Moreover, in selecting a major, you have to do well in your academic career to achieve a high LSAT score.

The reason law school is so focused on LSAT and GPA scores is that the school’s ranking is based on the selectivity of the students every year.

Furthermore, World Report and U.S. News assume the average LSAT and GPA scores of students admitted in a program to estimate the selectivity. So if you get higher marks, there are more chances of getting higher chances of admission.

Step – 2

High scores will enhance the chances of reviewing the student’s application for admission; a captivating law school statement will help you a lot.

In addition, you can share your story and explain why you are fit for the specific academic degree. Furthermore, you will also have the opportunity to show your abilities, which is an essential ability for future lawyers.

Likewise, as you submit great essays, you should also submit a letter of recommendation from the people who guarantee the intellectual skills that you can work well under pressure.

Is It Worth Getting Into A T14 School? What Are The Risks And Rewards Of Getting Into Law Schools?

You may be already familiar with the high financial pressure. Student loans are a severe issue and often are the riskiest thing an individual has ever made.

When it comes to law schools or T14, applications can often play a game of risks aversion. There is no risk-free option once you play this game, but there are only different risks.

Furthermore, this game is like this: you have to choose between a higher rank school that will offer you a better chance at your desired job or a lower-ranked school that costs you less. It is more complex than you think.

First of all, the cost of attending a law school will be different for any individual. Law schools will give merit scholarships that depend on the applicant’s GPA and test score.

But they consist of other factors that depend on the school. Students’ merit can enhance scholarships by negotiating with schools, but sometimes they have conditions for legal education performance.

Secondly, high-ranked schools do not mean that they mean better jobs. A prominent focus in most law schools is career-related outcomes.

However, it is hard to consider a school’s yearly employment data and the markets where they send their graduates.

Does Attending A T14 Law School Matter?

You are graduating from the T14 school matters when your law school will characterize you in thousands of people graduating the same year.

It is true when you are interested in Big Law, if you wish for a clerkship in the Supreme Court, or if you want to become a law school professor. Getting a job is higher if you attend a T14 law school.

Going to law school matters if you are unsure where you want to live after graduation, as these law schools will give you excellent geographic mobility.

According to data, almost 90 percent of individuals found work outside the country. It is hard to estimate how many students are looking for a job outside their region. But the data shows that the higher-ranked schools have greater chances of mobility.

The location of the school also matters as the ranking of the school, especially when you want to practice in that particular area. Moreover, attending a high-rank school in that area can help you get a good job.


Don’t waste your time overlooking your application, mainly for the T14 schools. You have to spend additional time demonstrating what makes you distinct from others.

When concerned with admission and legal career, the T14 law schools are not “be-all and end-all.” However, you still have a chance of a great job if you even go to a lower-ranked school.

Or you may have to struggle if you graduated from a high-ranked school. However, from a broader perspective, T14 are selective and prestigious, and if you are going to pass out from one of those schools, you do not have to worry about how employers view your school.

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