Top 10 ERP Systems to fulfill your business goals

Top 10 ERP Systems to fulfill your business goals

Top 10 ERP Systems to fulfill your business goals

It is merely impossible for businesses in the current era to function in Silos and ensure sustainable growth.

Cross-functional collaboration is the key to having real-time data availability, ensuring faster and diligent decision making, delivering at lightspeed, and having anything and everything available for sustainable growth in just one single click.

What has transformed and made it possible for businesses to function at Godspeed with zero room for error is nothing but a miracle certainly not possible without technology.

The business management tool that helps you keep track of real-time activity and makes data available at the user’s disposal is known as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

An ERP software connects and integrates different functions of your business, it streamlines the processes and enables data availability on real-time basis.

The most basic function of an ERP is to create a central database accessible by all the departments in your organization that helps you function at zero margins of error and fosters faster decision making.

An ERP also provides AI capabilities that help you with better decision making, helps you automate routine processes, and create a better user experience, allowing better understanding and response to users.

It is a must to have an ERP for your business if long-term and sustainable growth is your goal. Nor does it help you perform your current activities efficiently, but it also helps you prepare for future growth and expansion.

The ERP implementation process involves meticulous planning, starting with the assessment of current business processes and identification of key objectives.

Below are the 10 ERP’s Systems that could help you fulfill your business goals.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

It is one of the most popular ERP software catering to the Small and Medium Business (SMBs) segment. The solution can be run both on-premises as well as on-cloud.

The solution automates and streamlines business processes and enables companies to manage their finance, manufacturing, sales, shipping, project management, services, and more.

The solution offers companies the ease of adding functionality relevant to the region of operation. Business Central offers customized functionalities to support even highly specialized industries.

With a vast and strong partner ecosystem, the solution is easy to maintain and one of the most affordable solutions.


NetSuite is another famous ERP software amongst the global business community. It is a SaaS (Software as a service) based platform that consists of a suite of applications that helps businesses run their functions smoothly.

NetSuite just like other ERPs provides businesses visibility and control through a single source of real-time data availability.

The solution helps businesses manage an array of business functions including finance, operations, manufacturing, etc. This ERP also offers customizations to meet specific business needs.


Acumatica is another cloud-based ERP platform gaining popularity in the Australian and New Zealand market.

This ERP solution also known as MYOB Advanced comes in the SaaS lineage of ERP Software to help businesses and their teams have access to a single database that is accessible anytime and anywhere just like other ERPs in the market.

The platform lets you manage different business functions including finance, CRM, manufacturing, distribution, project accounting, etc. Acumatica is a scalable platform that can be tailored to meet your business needs.


MYOB Exo is a common name in the Australian Business Community as an effective Enterprise Resource Planning tool in the on-premises category.

With all the major capabilities to manage businesses just like any other ERP, the only drawback this tool is on-premises implementation.

This tool cannot be implemented on the cloud. For growing and mid-sized businesses, this tool is effective in managing their business functions and providing real-time data. MYOB Exo gives the tools to manage and grow your business.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an Enterprise Resource Planning software designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, sold by the German company SAP SE.

The software is popular amongst the business community that focuses on automating key business functions like financials, operations, and human resources, etc.

SAP Business One has built a stable stand in the Australian Business Community and just like any other ERP, the software helps businesses manage, streamline, and integrate their various functions.


Salesforce though is a CRM, but it would not be right to term it as a CRM only even though Salesforce doesn’t offer a General Ledger.

It’s more of an Ecosystem that includes various ERP systems common in the business community. Any business can decide to go with Salesforce does go with Finance as an “ADD ON” like Xero, FinancialForce, and AccountingSeed as among others to achieve the functionalities of a typical ERP system.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a new player in the Australian market. The platform is a long-term competitor of NetSuite in the US.

With a relatively strong professional services, and not-for-profit offering, it is another powerful ERP solution-focused to help your organization grow manifold.

Attache by The Access Group

Attache by The Access Group has entered Australian market recently in the Business Management Solution providers industry.

The Access Group which is a UK-based software provider company acquired Attache in 2019 to target the Australian Market by providing an integrated business management solution just like any other ERP in the market.


Odoo, considerably a new player in the Australian Market is an open-source ERP that helps small and medium-sized businesses to manage their entire business functions, streamlines business processes, and helps businesses grow.

The current partner vendor ecosystem is relatively small, but the tool is gaining popularity in the Australian Business Community.


Pronto is an Australia-based Enterprise Resource Planning software vendor. The company is focused on providing ERP software with applications that integrate accounting, operations, and other business functions to optimize processes, simplify collaboration and accelerate business growth.

This ERP software is focused on Small to Mid-Sized companies to help them scale and achieve optimization.

Closing Statement

There are several other ERPs available in the market apart from the ones mentioned above. Moreover, the functionalities would be the same with a few features here and there, what matters the most is to check the strong partner ecosystem and the ERP suitability to your business needs.

To function without an ERP in the current business world is next to impossible. Choose your Enterprise Resource Planning Solution wisely and unlock business growth.

Author Bio: Jitender Kumar comes with over 15 years of impeccable track record in Microsoft Business Solutions.

He has expertise in consulting sales and handling sales operations with a strong technical and functional knowledge of Microsoft Business Solutions and Digital Technologies.

His area of interest caters to helping businesses transform digitally by leveraging the Microsoft approach to digital transformation. He is a robust and dynamic professional with exposure in Global Markets currently heading APAC at Dynamics Square.

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