Top 10 Free Tools for Google Paid Ads

Google Paid Ads

Multiple PPC tools support an advertiser in running their Google Ads campaigns. These tools let users in several steps like good research, expense valuation, and landing page optimization.

It is therefore imperative to know about the leading tools that are free for running paid ads or creating them perfect for your campaign. This article will cover the standard and excellent means for you in paid ads campaign.

Keyword research is necessary before running your campaign, and it assists in identifying and arranging the keywords that’ll be included in your ad campaign.

It is a long and complicated procedure, and the PPC tools cited in the following piece help decrease the work to discover the best keywords.

Top 10 Free Tools for Google Paid Ads

Suppose you are a digital marketer facing many difficulties while running your paid ads campaign. The solution to your query is here in this article, the details and proper insights have been elaborated on how the below tools offered by Google is excellent for your paid ad campaign.

1. Whatagraph’s free Google Ads reporting template

Making reports in the Google Ads interface with so many PPC metrics can be tricky. Whatagraph has come up with a free tool, the Google Ads report template, that pictures critical metrics like impressions, clicks, and conversions and further assists you in staying on track with your KPIs.

You can make a free account by selecting Google Ads as the platform, then picking the data you’re seeking, such as e-commerce, conversions, or traffic. After this, a report will appear centered on the illustrated data.

2. Free Google Ads Text Generator by Ink 

This free Google Ads text generator uses artificial intelligence to assist you in inscribing professional ads. You must be thinking about how a tool can do that much.

This tool can get you concepts, to begin with or copy somewhere else in your marketing resources. You must explore your keyword and develop ad copy, consequently evaluated on the outcomes. It is enormously beneficial for you, and you can try it for free.

3. Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is also a free tool to support you with improved PPC reporting. It has free Google Ads templates in the dashboard that provide reports on the display network, creative search performance, shopping, daily budget depletion, discovery performance, search impression rate, shopping auction insights, search ads 360 data-driven attributions, account health, and display impression share lost.

4. Google Ads Headline Generator by StoryLab 

One more text generator tool for your Google Ads is the Headline Generator provided by StoryLab. Here you type the name of your service, product, or offering and a short portrayal.

It will automatically generate a headline or a description for you. You must create a free account to look at the results.

Through this tool, you can grade your Google Ads metrics directly, look on Google how to calculate your stats, research on a grader report, analyze your Google Ads performance, and search what exactly you are doing.

5. Keyword Tool by WordStream

Keyword research has an essential role to play, and to make it greatly easy, WordStream offers a free keyword tool to help you.

It is stress-free to use; you have to type a word or your URL into the tool, then select your location and your industry.

After entering the data, it collects a lot of appropriate keywords to object to your ads and site content using CPC and opposition altitudes for Bing and Google. So what’s better than attaining keywords for free?

6. Google Ads Charges Template by Supermetrics 

The charges of Google ads depend on numerous factors; therefore, there is no final answer to this, yet the Google Ads charges template offered for free by Supermetrics can help you idealize, speed up, and hold within your objective financial plan.

The Google Ads cost stepping template assists you in observing a record of and envisioning your financial plan and plans for every number of accounts. You can provide your email to receive notifications when your finance limit is about to reach.

7. Google Analytics Expense Data Template by WordStream 

You can look at your ad expenses in Google Analytics for ads other than Google Ads. WordStream has made that accessible for you with the data import tool for free.

You require the data import tool in Google Ads and a CSV for email purposes. It seems easy, but importing your Google Ads expense data is a step-by-step procedure that needs determination.

For this process, a free Google sheet template must be used that is required to display your information correctly.

8. RSA Builder by Optimise Lab 

Responsive search ads are the only search ad kind you can make or direct for Google Ads. But no need to worry because Optimise Lab has provided its responsive search ads builder.

Hence it would help if you tried the responsive search ads builder to optimize your Google Ads campaign.

If you are new to RSA, keep in mind to avoid duplication of texts, and use one RSA in a single ad set. It is a considerable tool for a digital marketer.

9. Free Google Ads Grader by WordStream 

The free Google Ads grader is undoubtedly an incredible tool, according to the best PPC Agency UK. Google Ads only show you the metrics of your campaign, yet just showing metrics cannot provide you with the entire situation.

However, this free tool by WordStream has 17 aspects to let you know your account performance. Some factors are click-through rate, long-tail keywords, quality score, mobile optimization, impression rate, best practices, and account activity.

It provides a well-defined report, including your score and tips for improvement. It would surely help if you gave it a try.

10. Lectures about Google Ads on YouTube

YouTube is a free platform on which various lectures about Google Ads are available. You can surely opt to benefit from a Google Ads lecture.

Several digital marketers have provided the best free courses on Google Ads targeting keyword research for PPC, its benefits for you, and knowledge about the Google Ads account arrangement.

The Final Words

If you are a digital marketer, you may seek to create Google Ads account optimizations, conduct an effective PPC audit, compose an improved ad copy, or other purposes.

These free tools have been brought up to help you make your work easier with their best optimizations and the perfect AI performances as they ensure your success in all aspects.

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