Top 10 Gift Cards in the Philippines | How and Where to Buy Them

Gift Cards

The use of gift cards as a means of payment has grown in recent years in the Philippines. Since they provide a practical and adaptable way to purchase, stream, and make use of different services. The top 10 gift cards Philippines will be discussed in this article. But the story is not only about the gift certificates, at the end of the article you will find an excellent place where you can buy these and other vouchers with discounts — So, let’s not waste time and get down to business!

Top 10 Gift Cards in the Philippines

Google Play:

  • Google Play gift cards are specifically designed for Android users, giving them access to a wide range of digital content.
  • These gift codes come in various denominations, making it easy to choose the right amount for your digital purchases.
  • You can redeem Google Play vouchers by entering the code found on the back of the card in the Google Play Store app or website.


  • Apple gift cards work seamlessly across all Apple devices, ensuring a consistent user experience.
  • They can be used to make purchases, allowing users to unlock additional features or content within their favorite Apple-supported stores.
  • To redeem an Apple gift card, simply scratch off the hidden code on the back of the card and enter it in the selected store Apple Store, App Store, or iTunes Store on your device.


  • Netflix gift cards make excellent gifts for friends and family, giving them access to ad-free streaming on various devices.
  • These vouchers can be redeemed by visiting the Netflix website, logging in, and entering the unique code provided on the card.
  • They offer flexibility, as you can use them to start or extend a Netflix subscription.


  • Uber codes provide a convenient way to pay for rides and food deliveries within the Uber app.
  • To redeem an Uber key, enter the code in the “Payment” section of the Uber app, and the card balance will be applied to your next trip or order.


  • Sephora gift cards give beauty enthusiasts the freedom to choose from a vast selection of cosmetics and skincare products.
  • They can be redeemed both online and in physical Sephora stores, making shopping for beauty products even more accessible.

Razer Gold:

  • Razer Gold pins are a boon for gamers, as they allow for easy purchases of in-game items and content across various gaming platforms.
  • Redeem them by entering the card’s PIN code on the Razer Gold website, and the credit will be added to your Razer Gold account.


  • Roblox keys enable players to enhance their Roblox gaming experience by purchasing virtual currency (Robux).
  • Redeem them by scratching off the code on the back of the card and entering it on the Roblox website or app.


  • PlayStation gift cards are essential for PSN gamers, as they can be used to buy games, DLCs, and subscriptions.
  • You can redeem them on your PlayStation console or via the PlayStation Network website.


  • Steam gift cards are a must-have for PC gamers, granting access to a vast library of games and software on the Steam platform.
  • Redeem them by entering the code on the back of the card in the “Add a Game” section of the Steam client.


  • Amazon gift cards offer access to a massive online marketplace, where you can shop for almost anything.
  • They can be redeemed on the Amazon website by entering the card’s code during the checkout process, and the card’s balance will be applied to your purchase.


  • The SM gift card is a versatile prepaid card.
  • It’s accepted at SM Supermalls nationwide for shopping, dining, and more.
  • Recipients can use it both in-store and online at participating SM-affiliated outlets.

Buying Gift Cards Philippines

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Gift cards have become a convenient and adaptable way to access a range of goods and services in the Philippines. The top ten gift certificates in this article’s list encompass a variety of interests, including shopping, streaming, gaming, and leisure.

Using vouchers in the Philippines is a good way to buy goods online without needing a credit card. BuySellVouchers is your go-to source if want to buy discounted vouchers from the Philippines online. It is a trustworthy platform that guarantees a seamless buying experience, making it simpler than ever.

Don’t waste the gift cards’ provided opportunities find a world of comfort and savings right at your fingertips.

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