Top 10 Global Sporting Events to Attend Before You Die

Global Sporting Events

One of the best parts of sports is bringing people together, where unity can be seen worldwide. If any tournament is organized, the world celebrates it like a festival.

People have different priorities in choosing their sports to celebrate the sportsman’s spirit and enthusiasm.

Some like to watch specific tournaments such as FIFA World Cup, which is worldwide famous, and some like multisports.

Numerous interesting sporting events are worth watching. And in that context, we have mentioned the list of famous tournaments loved by people worldwide.

Famous Sporting Events Worth Watching Before You Die

1) FIFI World cup

FIFA is the most incredible football event globally that is held once every four years. It is the most popular tournament organized by the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA), i.e., A Government Body of Association Football containing 209 members worldwide.

The teams of 32 nations compete over several weeks to win the title of World Champion in Football. The high anticipation game with enthusiastic fans is the global sporting event you must not miss before you die.

And if you are not lucky enough to be there in person, you can check the livescore online on

2) UEFA Champions League

UEFA or Union European Football Association is one of the biggest football tournaments played between Europe’s topmost clubs.

An Annual Club Football Competition contains top-division European Clubs competing with each other to qualify in a double-lagged knockout format and single-leg final match to win the tournament.

It is the world’s most prestigious football tournament played by the national league teams of Europe to win the title of UEFA Champions League. The crowd around the globe supports the game and pursues it with great enthusiasm.

3) ICC Cricket World Cup

If you are a citizen of any European country or the countries ruled by the Britishers and didn’t watch the ICC Cricket World Cup, you are missing a great series.

The World Cup is organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC), the head cricket board of the world.

ICC World Cup is an International Cricket Championship of One Day International (ODI) organized every four years.

ICC Cricket World Cup is one of the most viewed sporting events and the biggest event on the international cricket calendar, where 10 teams take part from all corners of the world.

The current format includes a qualification phase held in the preceding three years. The teams which qualify can compete in the world cup to become champions.

4) Indian Premier League

Indian Premier League, popularly known as ‘The festival of India’, started in 2008. In short, it is known as IPL, and the format was organized by the private body. Now, it is administered by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

IPL follows the T20 format of cricket held every year between March and May, and almost 10 teams from different cities in India compete with each other to become champions.

The team is formed on the auctions format, where the cricketers around the world participate, excluding Pakistani players.

IPL tournament gets loved by worldwide cricket people to cheer up their favorite team and players. The 2020 season was moved to UAE due to covid and ended up in 2021, which shows the popularity of the tournament.

5) Wimbledon Championship, Tennis

The oldest and the biggest tennis tournament is organized annually in late June and early July. The tournament started in 1877 and is an outdoor grass game where international players participate to win the World champion title in tennis.

It contains 128 players, including both men and women in singles, 64 teams of Man and Women in doubles, and 48 teams in mixed doubles.

The Wimbledon Championship is the most prestigious tournament loved by the people, and they support their favorite tennis player.

Last year, the game was canceled due to covid. However, it is expected to be scheduled at the right time this year.

6) Summer Olympic Games

A mega sports event where athletes from different countries participate in various games. It started in 1896 in Athens,

Greece is now the most popular sporting event globally. All the games are organized by the International Olympics Committee (IOC) every four years in various cities of the world.

Every athlete holds a dream to win at least one Olympic medal in his or her life. It is the heaven of sports lovers, containing several games to watch, and the winners are awarded the medals in a tradition started in 1904.

The medals are categorized into three forms, and they are;

  • Gold medal for the first prize
  • Silver for the second prize
  • Bronze for the third prize

2020 Summer Olympic Games were canceled due to covid, and the committee is planning to organize the 2024 Olympics in Paris. If you haven’t watched it yet, don’t miss the chance this time.

7) Winter Olympics

The next event of the Olympic Games, the Winter Olympics, is equally popular as Summer Olympics. It was started in 1924 in Chamonix, France, and was organized by the International Olympics Committee (IOC) every four years.

In the winter Olympics, worldwide athletes participate, and the game format is the same as the other Olympic games.

The 2022 Winter Olympics was held in Beijing, China, and Norway, the country to bag the most medals.

The next winter Olympics will be held in Milan, Italy, and you must attend this sport to add one more memorable moment in your life.

8) Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth games, popularly known as Friendly games, are a worldwide famous sporting event. It was started in 1930 and is organized by commonwealth nations consisting of 72 countries as a member.

A variety of sports is organized where players of different games take part to win International medals.

If you are a sports enthusiast, this is the ideal game to enjoy, and you must attend this to make your life more cheerful before heading towards death.

9) Tour De France

Tour De France is a 23 days long competition that consists of 21 stages with an increasing difficulty level each day in a Multi-day bicycle stage race.

The race was held in France and occasionally passed to nearby countries according to the circumstances. It is a prestigious cycling tournament where racers from the world take part to win the championship.

A perfect sports tournament for the people who love speed and thrill. The longest racing tournament makes it worth watching.

10) NFL Super Bowl

The National Football League Super Bowl is an American sports event popular on the American continent.

The games are organized every year between various teams and have been played since 1966. The winning team is rewarded with the Vince Lombardi Trophy, the highest award in the game.

Though it’s an American game, fans can be seen from cross-border due to its exciting gameplay. Henceforth, this sport is worth watching before you die as you will find many crests and troughs in the game.

Final Verdict

With great sports enthusiasts, many sporting events can make you fully excited. To encourage your interest, we have mentioned above some of the global sporting events to attain before you die. These events bring the world together and teach us about true sportsman spirit.

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