Top 10 Human Resource Management Platforms in 2021

Human Resource Management Platforms

If you are working with an IT firm, then you must know what HR does?

Basically, HR stands for human resources, which is an important position for any company. The duties of HR includes processing of employing, training, compensating, developing policies and more.

Back in the old days, the only duty HR was supposed to do was to process payrolls, send birthday gifts, arrange company picnics, and do all sorts of unnecessary things. So, the field of HR has undergone many changes in the past decade. 

As it seems, the HR department requires a lot of work to do. Luckily, there are many management software available now which helps in ease of operations. Good software will constantly improve your workflow with more capabilities and better ways to do work efficiently.

So, here is the 10 best HR management software that you can use for your organization to streamline operations.

1. FilesDNA

FilesDNA is an eSignature software and comes with many HR abilities as well. FilesDNA is used by many well-known brands and agencies for its eSignature and secure file handling features. With FilesDNA, you can eliminate physical visits for signing important documents.

Have a look at some of the crucial features of FilesDNA:

  • Workflow management
  • Document management
  • Mobile and web-app availability
  • Smart e-signature
  • Secured document sharing
  • Blockchain integrity

2. is an HRM software best known for creating custom HR software and workflows by using drag-and-drop technology. also offers many different types of HR-dedicated templates for getting started.

With this tool, hiring managers can supervise their recruitment pipelines and also track applicants with embedded forms that record all relevant contact details automatically.

As the candidates go through the hiring process, team members can update the status, so there’s a real-time source available for all open positions.

Apart from that, also has some pre-made templates for the onboarding process, including all of the sessions and reading material newcomers need in the first week of their job.

Also, the onboarding template uses no-code automation to notify the relevant team members. also comes up with a vacation tracker that allows employees to schedule vacation time.

3. ADP

Another popular HRM platform is ADP which consists of simple templates and helplines and long-term HR consulting engagements related to mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations.

Another feature ADP provides the benefit of outsourcing and co-employment solutions for the people looking for ease in HR responsibilities. 

ADP also has a wide range of tools that includes a list of integration opportunities with both first-party and third-party software. ADP performed well in the integrations section of the evaluation criteria.

ADP platform easily and quickly merges with other business software and leading payroll, HR, financial systems, and most ERPs. ADP’s standard integration APIs include FinancialForce, Quickbooks, Wave, etc. 

4. Sapling

One of the best HRM tools, which is an excellent option for mid-market companies with distributed international offices, is Sapling.

This tool helps you automate workflows for onboard, offboard, and use people’s data across existing systems. Sapling also allows users to build automated workflows for recruitment and onboarding process. 

With this feature, team members can automatically assign people workflows based on their location, department, and employment status.

Another advantage of getting Sapling is that it allows team members to store and manage people’s data and end-users can create individual profiles using that data.

5. PeopleStreme

Ascender, the brand behind international human capital management and payroll software company that specializes in the development of technology and HR initiatives, created PeopleStreme, which is amanagement softwareused by well-known brands and agencies. 

PeopleStreme performed well in the evaluation criteria for usability. Like software, it is easy to use with an intuitive dashboard system.

In addition, they provide highly responsive troubleshooting with support offered promptly when needed.

However, there are some cons to PeopleStreme as well. It comes with limited custom branding options, and the best reporting features are limited to higher plans only. At last, PeopleStreme sometimes has the inability to identify the same candidate twice. 

6.  Sage HRMS

Sage HRMS is known for managing accounts, HR, payments, assets in construction, real estate, and enterprise systems.

Cloud solutions, on-premise, or both are offered by Sage HRMS. You can customize Sage HRMS according to your needs.

This software also excels in training through many wizards that are designed to help with each unique HR process like entering new hires, training, and pay raises, job changes, etc. 

Sage HRMS prioritizes first-party integration solutions, which may put users at a disadvantage if they have other project management or payroll tools they need to connect. 

7. Built for Teams

If you are looking for management software that offers intuitive, powerful tools that are designed to help you hire, manage, retain, and analyze your workforce, then Built for Teams is the best option.

This HR tool has a relatively tame learning curve, and even those who are not particularly geeky should be able to make ample use of it. 

Built for Teams integrations include Google Suite, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, etc. Apart from all these excellent features, the Built for Teams has some cons as well.

The only problem with this tool is that it is not currently possible to cancel requests like paid time off after they have been submitted in the system. 

8. HR Cloud

HR Cloud is the only platform in this list that has three integrated software solutions. These solutions will improve the way you onboard, engage, and manage your employee, meaning Onboard, Workmates, and HR Suite.

Moreover, they are specially designed to automate manual HR processes, deliver an enhanced employee experience, and manage the entire employee lifecycle as well. 

Furthermore, HR Cloud’s Workmates solution includes robust tools to help remote teams collaborate, communicate, and even recognize and reward their goals.

Features here include employee feeds, announcements, an employee directly, communication and messaging tools, as well as for analytics. Workmates can help employees become advocates for your business. 

Additionally, HR Cloud’s HR Suite offers many robust features. One of them is the proven HR solutions that improve the way you manage the entire employee lifecycle, that includes performance management, leave tracking, etc.

It also contains advanced reporting features, org charts, and the ability to create surveys to collect employee feedback.

Like other platforms, HR Cloud offers easy integrations to leading applications and systems like ADP, Quickbooks, UltiPro, Compass, etc. 

9. PeopleBook HR

Next on the list is PeopleBook HR which is an application-based platform that helps you in managing your human resources along with a combined reporting mechanism and a timely solution to upgrade and modernize your HR team with specific tools for time, asset, attendance, and more.

Another thing this software does best is cleverly managing sales made in the field, thus allowing HR administrators to track any sales representative’s performance quickly.

The only disadvantage of PeopleBook HR is its lack of integration options. So, if you want to connect other HRMS tools, then PeopleBook HR is not the best option for you. 

10. Workday

At last on the list is Workday, which is great for recruiting and developing talent. This platform has the ability to engage people on their preferred devices, define and manage business processes, and also activate business decisions based on contextual insight. 

One of the advantages of Workday is its flexibility to manage user-input change, including the ability to audit changelogs to the power to mass rescind changes and more.

10x Psychology, Accu-Time Systems, Accurate Background, Achievers, Adobe, ADP, Amazon Business, and more. These are some of the integrations that you can try with Workday.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best HR platforms that you can get for your company. Moreover, these platforms are also available for a free demo to get a clear idea of how the integration works with other websites.

However, if you have already purchased an HRM platform for your company and are facing trouble in signing documents, then we have a solution for that; FilesDNA.

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